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HORROR VIDEOGAMES Through the Ages!! (Let’s Play) | Thomas Sanders

Thomas Sanders
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PRE-VIDEO WARNING: Graphic violence, disturbing imagery, potential epilepsy warning, game spoilers, and lots and lots of bleeped cursing!

I am a natural WIMP when it comes to anything scary, let alone placing me into a horror scenario where I have to make all the decisions and survive!! In this video, Joan and Talyn have convinced me to sit down and play three different horror videogames from three different eras and… well, it just got more and more intense and you’ll see how I handled it… Enjoy!

Thank you so much to my friends, Joan and Talyn, who fought valiantly with me through these three games, and for helping to create the thumbnail!

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Thank you ALSO to our friend, manager of the CamCAM, and video editor, Camden!!

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  1. Why does the daughter (and theoretically the dad) in The Evil Within 2 almost have Luke Castellan's last name.

  2. Thomas screams like Hei-Hei from Moana and no one can convince me otherwise

  3. HAHAHAHAHA!!! None of these were scary!!
    I want them to play Little Nightmares.
    It's not scary either, but damn, its so disturbing.

  4. Me just waiting for them to play Five Nights At Freddys I get to the part where they say this is the last video game my disappointment and I’m very 😢

  5. I'm just imagining Virgil behind Thomas during his turn to play The Evil Within 2. Virgil, when he was playing, must have been super heightened.


  7. Bats are cute little puppy baby bat fly fly baby dogs

  8. talyn was so calm this hole vidoe but thomas and john are like DIED

  9. Me watching this for the 50th time still laughing at every joke and still getting scared right along with Thomas

  10. 24:52
    Roman: I don’t think I’ve ever been… as scared… of a game before.
    Patton: But it was fun with you guys here by my side!

  11. What are bats?

    Bats are cute little puppy baby bat fly fly baby dogs.

  12. During the last game
    Joan: (Gets startled)
    Thomas: (laughs)
    Not even 2 seconds later
    Thomas: (Turns as red as a tomato from screaming so loud)
    2 more seconds later
    Thomas: (Gets startled from a water bottle falling)

  13. I need a whole video of Thomas together with Joan and Talyn watching a horror movie, I need to continue living

  14. I’m sorry but when I hear dorito I hear bill-

    someone help me-

  15. Warning: He is doing a warning before this video.

  16. kinda sad they didn't Bendy and the Ink Machine but I'm laughing very hard and my side hurts lol

  17. Me who's 19 and lives at home: hey mom I'm calling you to ask if I can watch this video… Thanks bye!

  18. 22:36 the second Thomas said that, I heard my sister scream from her room…
    She's fine btw

  19. I love the heartfelt music that play every time Joan and Thomas flirt with each other 😂

  20. Thomas was genuinely scared, and it was HILARIOUS. 😂

  21. me: ya i hate horror guess i'll just watch this real quick at 2 am ✨for fun✨
    also me: literally gets so scared by the evil within i just break down crying

  22. I shouldn't be watching this at 11PM

    But then again I am also watching Joan, Talyn and Thomas

  23. I love Joan and Thomas's interactions. Like they're so comfortable with each other because they've known each other for literally ever. Talyn, at 5:20, they're just like "I guess I'm the third wheel now."

  24. Oh my gosh I felt SO BAD for Thomas during this!!!!! He's genuinely super scared! I don't like seeing him like that! I want to give him a big hug!!!

  25. Tayln feeling like a third wheel over there!!!🤣

  26. Thomas should play Little Nightmares XD

  27. Thomas: ….hey…
    Thomas: hey.
    Thomas: hey.
    Thomas: LISTEN TO ME!!!!

  28. 5:28

    Thomas: Our next gay urh

    Roman: Don't act like that wasn't intentional

  29. The alternate name to this video is "Thomas' friends laugh at him getting scared"

  30. me watching this at 2am: its not going to be that scary
    my anxiety: then why are you stopping the video and looking at the comment to see if its really scary hum?

  31. Please play five nights at Freddy's in your next video.

  32. oh good god the people from wecomics are now please

  33. when he said Thursday the 12 I got so scared because my time said Thu 12:21 i1 is Thursday the time is 12 and its 2021- ;-; please have mercy on me ;-;

  34. If someone is able to make you laugh for the whole video about horror games, they are doing something right. Poor Thomas

  35. sorry i couldn't see xD after minute 18 xD … it scares me the blood so.. yeah :>

  36. Me: Who likes g0r3 for some unlikeable reason, and doesn't like Horror welp, I'd rather sacrifice myself to the Horror Game Gods rather than die in this Reality.

  37. watching thomas playing scary games is hilarious no offence thomas sanders

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