How Accurate Is The Spider-Man Map? | The Leaderboard -

How Accurate Is The Spider-Man Map? | The Leaderboard

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Insomniac’s Spiderman has made one of the most realistic maps of New York City ever, but is it really as accurate as they make it seem? So join The Leaderboard as we explore NYC and see just how accurate the Spiderman map really is. We will unpack the map and look at real-life location compared to its in-game counterpart, marvel cameo locations, and more!

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Credits for This Episode
Researched by: Michael DiGregorio
Written by: Michael DiGregorio
Hosted by: Freddie Kuguru
Edited by: Caleb Pryor

Executive Producers: Carrie Miller, Fred Seibert, Jeremy Rosen
Producers: Adrian Apolonio, Jesse Gouldsbury
Project Manager: Jessica Ferrer
Head Writer: Casey Gonzalez
Graphics and Thumbnail by: Alexandria Batchelor
Programming Manager: Darrian P. Mack

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  1. Says everything and interesting facts about real NYC and game NYC

    Me: what about the Firehouse?

  2. I tried looking for friend restaurant on harlem, i noticed they cut few block from the original

  3. I live in Brooklyn every time I go into the city I'm like ahh it would be great if i was spiderman then i look up at the buildings i imagine myself swinging & NOT all but alot of the time im like there's no way this street is just too wide, that's 1 inaccuracy with the spiderman map alot of the streets arw made narrower removing lanes of traffic & raising the heights of buildings to be able to swing

  4. The tallest building isn't the freedom tower, it's the Empire State building, in the game.

  5. I got a couple things to say: try going into camera mode and move to see lady liberty also they added JOES PIZZA from the original movie Parker worked at

  6. I was traversing through central park looking for Strawberry Fields and the Dakota but sadly they did not make it in

  7. they got harlem wrong. east harlem is spanish Harlem up until 128th. everything else is very mixed. i was sad to see they cut out my house : ( my Avenue is on an angle so they just cut out like six whole blocks

  8. its funny so many didnt know they can press x in swining* for better style

  9. Damn that sucks that u can’t leave Manhattan they left out spideys neighborhood in queens

  10. When you buy the game just to mess around in the city you already live in b/c of quarantine

  11. I think the Harlem side is getting a expansion in Spider-Man 2

  12. jeez im so stupid only now did I realize that Empire State University is FICTIONAL

  13. Roxxon is gonna be a big part of Spider-Man: Miles Morales now 😀

  14. The butt joke its the most funny thing i ever heard in this year

  15. Imagine a New Yorker finds his home in Spideman PS4

  16. ”Sporting a look that is VERY close to it’s MCU counterpart.”

    Literally a completely different building.

  17. The amazing writing of these games make me forget they are connected to the marvel universe

  18. Can we have a building tower like trump tower

  19. I believe with the PS5's power, we might get a slight bigger and wider map.

  20. I grew up in Manhattan. Lived for 20+ years. This is what they get right vs. wrong


    – times square and even the red seats
    – a Yahoo parody that looks legit
    – ads that look legit, billboards in general
    – green and yellow taxi cabs
    – the ground, the narrow nyc roads, the potholes. Just the way it looks, the street signs. The vibe.
    – empire state building
    -met life building
    – world trade building
    – Madison Square garden
    – the subways and how many of them. Spiderman dancing in the cars while it loads
    – the snow (new game)
    – the christmas lights (new game)
    – Rockefeller tree
    – Bryant park skate ring
    – grand central station
    – a cemetery that is near Harlem
    – George Washington bridge
    – the way New Jersey, Brooklyn and the bronx look in the distance
    – the boats
    – pigeons
    – graffiti on buildings
    – the architecture of the buildings, the bricks
    – how some people acknowledge you, others don't care
    – central park
    – China town
    -statue of liberty
    -radio city hall
    – elevated train tracks in Harlem
    – nyu parody
    -the way autumn looked ( not the new one)


    – no Washington heights
    – no dyckman
    – no wtc memorial

    It was so close to perfect.

  21. I just got the platinum trophy for spider man today 🙂

  22. 6:18 "Not exactly the same scale as real life.".I mean they made Central Park 0.7mi long and 0.25 mi wide in the game instead of 2.5 and 0.5.

  23. It's great and all but ı'm still waiting for a Spiderman game with Manhattan borough created in 1:1 scale.

  24. This makes you feel the exaggerated swagger of a New Yorker.

  25. I’m disappointed they got rid of the retailed trade center it looked so much better

  26. I hope they make a completely new map for the sequel.

  27. I kinda wish the Baxter building was in this game

  28. I am from the future and Chadwick boseman has died…Damn you 2020

  29. Now I can learn about America from playing games

  30. that left building in the thumbnail reminds me of the Getalife building in gta4

  31. Did the miles morales sequal have changes to the city?

  32. I'm still waiting a Spider Man game with 1:1 scaled Manhattan to real life,that would be sick!

  33. i just started watching daredevil and he said a bigass spoiler xD, rip

  34. The swinging and street crimes never get old, and I don't understand how.

  35. Ya missed columbia university, its in the game

  36. “The Avengers tower in the game looks very similar to its MCU counterpart”

    Bro… They literally based it off of the comic version of the tower…

  37. Uptown and midtown are good but they fucked downtown so hard.

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