How to Learn languages with video games (2018) -

How to Learn languages with video games (2018)

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How to learn languages with video games

Pros/Cons of learning with video games: 1:07
Which types of games to use: 3:01
Where to get games in other languages: 4:32

This video is a frank discussion about using video games as a tool for learning languages. It’s not the best technique for everyone, but for some people this will be the single must helpful thing you can do for your language learning, and almost everyone will benefit from it in some way. Videogames were a big help for me when I was learning Spanish and French, and they could be a great resource for you no matter what language you’re learning unless its something really obscure or a language that’s no longer spoken by native speakers.


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  1. I think that if the game doesn't have full audio in the target language, it's useless for this purpose.

  2. I was always worried and scared to talk in English to English native speakers. I love playing League of Legends and one day I met a nice teammate from Canada. We played so good together and he offered to talk in voice chat, so we can play even better. I know some words from the game but I wasn't sure that I could talk about other things. After 2 or 3 games I was so happy that I can talk in English and he would understand everything I say. Soon we became a full team with people from Europe and North America. We started playing together with others and they would always understand me too. I love League of Legends and I felt really confident talking in English about something I love. If you love games, you can communicate with new people every time you play the game. They are not always nice and sometimes toxic, but at least you can learn the bad words too xD

  3. Just started playing Papers, please in russian. I already got a nice list of words that I didn't learn anything about in russian class 😀

  4. I was born in turkey, and I learned English through playing siege with my buddies and just trash talking to a bunch of people online lmao. And now I speak better than my old English teacher, live in Canada, and made English better than my first language

  5. I've been using my favorite game Stardew Valley to practice my Spanish and I learned quite a few new words that way! Luckily you can change the language in the options menu so I just needed my North American copy of the game

  6. The Sims for vocab:
    Parts of body
    Basic everyday actions
    AND SO MUCH MORE. Sims are just great.

  7. sometime i put acnh (animal crossing) in japanese because sometimes the game gets boring and i want a change in the ui- but hat ended up making me want to learn japanese

  8. Would you recommend some specific video games for beginners, intermediate and advanced students? I'm an ESL teacher and I'd like to use some of these games in my classrooms. Thanks in advance.

  9. I got a game and changed everything to Spanish. In just a week I have learned 7 new words. Simple, but useful.

  10. i learned english by playing oblivion while i strugled in english class in highschool. Best learning method to get the basis. the only thing lacking is speaking practice.

  11. Is it better to learn by listening to the dialogue while reading subtitles or the other way around?

  12. Vine a ver si los gringos buscaban lo mismo que yo xd

  13. Skyrim doesnt let you pause line by line.

  14. Learning Indonesian (because dangdut and Indonesian popular music) and Spanish and haven’t found games in Indonesian yet I’ve played Pokémon in Spanish. I do want to learn another language that’s in Pokémon, maybe Japanese, French, or German.

  15. I think Minecraft is the best way to improve a language using this gaming method. I began to play the game in esperanto and suddenly I noticed that I have improved a lot! Minecraft has an excellent amount of languages (even conlangs) to choose.

  16. Hello there! Let me give my two cents as one who has studied Spanish for 22 years, taught English in Columbia for 1 year, taught Spanish for one year and who is a recently certified language teacher and who also has a lot of experience playing video games in Spanish.

    As you said, video games are a great, fun way to learn live vocabulary in context, however, it should not be your primary way of learning a language and here's why:

    1. Video games only help you with reading skills for the most part.

    2. Language and culture are intertwined and without culture, a lot of vocab will not be understood. That said, most games are either English or Japanese therefore you'll be learning more about Japanese or English culture which is bad if those are not the target languages. And too many language learners divorce the language from the culture while they are learning.

    The emphasis should be learning how the language is spoken in everyday life and to this end, TV shows that take place in a country of the target language or songs in the target language are ideal.

    The problem with video games is that the language is often "fantasy language", especially if the genre of the game is fantasy.

    Apart from that, video games are a great COMPLEMENTARY method of learning vocab in a fun way. I will admit that some of the most memorable expressions in Spanish I ever learned came from video games.

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