How to Promote Your Steam Games (in 2018) video game marketing -

How to Promote Your Steam Games (in 2018) video game marketing

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Promoting your video game on Steam in 2018 is tough! This video gives the best tips on how to make your video game stand out on Steam from your competitors.

In this video we are first going to walk through how the Steam platform for games works in 2018 and how sales are primarily driven by discounts. We will also review how to optimize the positioning of your game during these sales. This includes best practices for your game content, your Steam store page, and game thumbnails. Then we will introduce curator connect and how you can use that to promote your video game. Next we will discuss visibility rounds and how they can be utilized to push extra eyeballs to your game. Finally we talk about community coupons and wishlists and how they can incorporated into your 2018 Steam promotional efforts.

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  1. To update for anyone watching in 2021 with the number of games released on steam:

    2017 7,049
    2018 9,050
    2019 8,033
    2020 10,263

  2. This is really great content! I'm currently developing my game and its true marketing is really important and it's not always one skill indie devs have. There are so many things to do and discover that it's great to have a video like yours!

  3. The wishlist strategy is genius. Thank you, very well done video

  4. This is all based upon the assumption that people are already commenting and wishlisting on your game. My game has 76 wishlisters and no reviews or comments. As much as I appreciate and am taking to heart most of this advice, I'm still missing a step here.

  5. Okay this is still some pretty good info. I really love the point about doing A-B testing of logos; that is definitely worth the money.

  6. I think it's important to mention the steam deals subreddit. If you say it's a deb post, the community often upvotes it

  7. Worth mentioning that if you can create a browser version, you can publish in on 20+ websites with API for in-app purchases.
    Here is one that also accepts games without browser version –

    Submit your games for free!

  8. You Mention that there are 100 curator connects is this monthly, yearly? I ask the question because I would like to contact curators that have a big audience and have experience with games of the same category thank you very much for your help in advance.

  9. One advice, game may be in early state of development but things pictures of from page screenshots should by in final quality. Same thing with trailer, should be short, good looking and with nice music

  10. Thanks for the video, some great points and we shall be implementing all of these ideas.

  11. Ask Game Dev or any random person who went through this dilema i have a question pls reply can you make a game without money without a team without a kickstarter without doing things solo releasing it for free will i still do taxes and pr stuff?

    Because im scared of making a game because of these things.

  12. can you promote my channel bro please support me

  13. Literally the most important component is the thumbnail, just a simple and clean logo with nice color scheme can attract people without any problems.

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