ID@Xbox - E3 2018 - Games Montage -

ID@Xbox – E3 2018 – Games Montage

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See what’s new from ID@Xbox in 2018 – Incredible games, diverse creators, new experiences. Xbox is home to the best, most creative and innovative games coming from Independent developers.

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  1. What was that game called that had goku and Naruto?

  2. where the "xbox has no games" jokes now hahahaha we winning

  3. Cant wait til my games will have this feature

  4. MS have near given up on Xbox. They're just dragging it a long until next generation. Not one game in the show displayed any originality.

  5. I can't find anything about that Waking game. Can anyone provide a link to an official site or something?

  6. BELOW is still a thing? I thought that was abandonware.

  7. Lookin' forward to getting most of those on Steam.

  8. Everyone: Xbox wheres your exclusives? Xbox is dead.
    Xbox: Hold my beer.
    2 hours later
    Everyone:Take my money.

  9. If someone need a list of the 27 new Games:

    Outer Wilds Console Launch Exclusive
    Afterparty Game Pass
    Kingdom Two Crowns
    The Gold Glub 2019
    Warhammer Vermintide 2 Game pass
    Fringe Wars
    Below Console Launch Exclusive
    Conquerors Blade
    Waking Console Launch Exclusive
    Children Of Morta
    Super Meat Boy Forever
    Planet Alpha
    Cuphead Console Launch Exclusive
    Tunic Console Launch Exclusive
    Session Console Launch Exclusive
    Generation Zero
    Bomber Crew Game Pass
    Harold Halibut
    Black Desert Console Launch Exclusive
    Islandes of Nyne
    The Wind Road
    War Groove
    Totem Teller
    Dead Cells
    Ashen Console Launch Exclusive Game Pass


    My favorites are

    Session -> Hardcore Skateboarding
    Fringe Wars -> SyFi spaceship shooter ?
    Conquerors Blade -> medieval war game
    Tunic -> looks like a zelda clone 🙂
    Islandes of Nyne -> online SyFi shooter ?

  10. Still no exclusives lmao all indies and multiplats

  11. Love how they used my song "Running All Night" with these awesome games!

  12. Where can I find more information about Waking, the game shown right before Children of Morta?

  13. Xbox once again has used a Zayde Wølf song

  14. the channel is a trash bin now so go to my new one says:

    Coming out for PC next year lol

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