Inside Marvel’s Spider-Man - Meet the Villains | PS4 -

Inside Marvel’s Spider-Man – Meet the Villains | PS4

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In Marvel’s Spider-Man, Peter Parker faces some of his greatest foes — Electro, Vulture, Rhino, Scorpion, and Mister Negative. Insomniac and Marvel Games shares how they chose and adapted each Super Villain for the game.


  1. Their mystery villain makes up Sinister Six… Don’t forget Tombstone, Screwball, Taskmaster. Shocker

  2. Didn’t Arkham knight come out already 🤨

  3. Spiderman PS4 is BEST SUPER HERO game EVER PLAYED!! …
    10 OUT OF 10 /
    5 OUT OF 5 STARS
    💯% …. THANK YOU INSOMNIAC AND MARVEL AND SONY!!! THEY REALLY DELIVERED ON THIS GAME !! AND MOST OF all THANK YOU TO THE GAME DEVELOPERS!!!.. you can really tell they put in their efforts in making this game .. was impressed and blown away by all aspects of the game !!


    The story itself was amazing, but I had a few concerns, one is that the transition of aunt mays health, it goes from her coughing in a chair, straight to her in the hospital bed. And when peter makes the ultimate decision, it diddnt give me much of an emotional reaction.

    The second concern is that the story of the sinister six was cut down too easily, I would have liked it to be like in Arkham Knight where each side activity had a chain of missions that led up to the boss, but instead it was two missions that took out all four of them.

  5. Yo the spoliers bro.Thanks for ruining Mr Negitive.

  6. Loved the game. Can’t wait to play the sequel, and all my daydreams now are about playing Spider-Man .

  7. That thumbnail reminds me of a certain Guyver cover. Anyone else ?

  8. so in a spiderman game, the main villain, ( VENOM) is not in it?

    are you kidding me?

  9. My biggest disappointment was the side missions they were so basic I was hoping they had side missions like Arkham knight where you discovered other villains the rogue gallery is so huge for Spider-Man and did just didn’t take advance of it.

  10. Where was the spoiler warning about who mr negative is

  11. When you hate Sony for not allowing crossplay but then see this

  12. I personally think these shouldn't have been spoiled since they're hardly in it

  13. Am i the only one that thinks that vulture looks like raging Raven from Mgs4?

  14. finished this game today. one of the absolute best games i've ever played! almost completed it 100%, still have some minor things to do though. it's also the only game i've bought a season pass for, can't wait for the DLC! if you haven't picked this game up yet, you really should, it's simply amazing. pun intended. 🙂 the graphics are absolutely insane, everything from draw-distance, to lighting, to the tiny details even when walking on foot down on the ground. the story is really great as well, and i'm not ashamed to say that i cried a little at the end! just beautiful. 🙂

  15. Sorry Insomniac but Spider-Man has the second best rogues gallery. Though if you didn’t thing they were the best, you wouldn’t have made such compelling villains.

  16. spidy's rogues gallery is great, batman's is argueably much, much better tho.

    fantastic game! <3

  17. I love this game but the villains did not challenge me. Taskmaster is probably the best boss battle. I hope ng+ has a harder difficulty with removed visible targeting lasers or shorter spider sense time.

  18. One question PlayStation where is the option to play the city that never sleeps?

  19. This is Amazing Spiderman game I ever played. Doctor Octopus is my favorite from movie spiderman 2

  20. The shocker was always one of my faves. Wish they swapped him with electro in this story.

  21. The next villain might be Venom probably

  22. 0:06 gotta disagree there, Batman has the best villains, Spiderman is second 100% though

  23. i love spiderman has too many enemies

  24. The way they hid Otto is brilliant. I was in complete shock when i saw him on the game. This is the best Spider-Man i have played since Edge of Time.

  25. We all know that Batman has the best villains in DC and Spider man has the best villains in Marvel. Both are great comics, movies, games.

  26. One of the things I love a lot about this game is how you improved the character Mr Negative.
    He was created in the worst era of Spidey, after the deal with the devil. I didn't read any comic until Superior Spider-man.
    So Mr Negative was for me uninteresting, until I played this game and suddenly I wanted to know more about this guy.
    Great job, Insomniac!

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