Kansas City Chiefs vs. Los Angeles Rams Week 11, 2018 FULL Game: The Greatest MNF Game Ever? - friv2018games.net

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Los Angeles Rams Week 11, 2018 FULL Game: The Greatest MNF Game Ever?

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00:00 – Start

37:10 – 2nd Quarter

1:20:42 – 3rd Quarter

2:00:20 – 4th Quarter

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  1. The memories if all the players that are gone (todd gurley)

  2. best game All Time 🤞🏾🤘🏾🤷🏾‍♂️

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  4. This game was supposed to be a super bowl preview, but the chiefs lost to a pretty weak (by their standards) Pats team on their own home field in the AFCCG, who then completely shut down the Rams in the bowl. I was suspicious of both teams considering the defense in this game, which is to say none. Just goes to show that the video game numbers have to backed up with some semblance of defense if you want to win it all.

    " LuLuMuds.Uno "


  6. If Stafford was in the game they score 70

  7. The rams scored because the cheifs defense sucked the chiefs were so good they made the rams defence look average.

  8. The penalties on the chiefs defensive unit is INSANNEEE in this game.

  9. Greatest NFL game of all time! GO RAMS!!!! The RAMS had so much confidence and mojo that year. That RAMS team had so much talent and I miss the old Horns and those yellow uniforms looked awesome too.

  10. This game really felt like a super bowl previews. Sadly we got the crap show of rams pats but this game was just awesome

  11. Flag happy Los Angeles officials we're definitely paid off to throw this game for LA!

  12. Remember when this game was supposed to be played in Mexico City? Yeah.

  13. 1st quarter lasts 35 minutes… that's 20 minutes of standing around doing nothing to 15 minutes of actual game… another reason why handegg is so stupid :))

  14. Why isn’t no one talking about the amount of ads

  15. This game is still absolutely legendary 🔥 one of the best I’ve watched

  16. great game; too many really annoying shitty commercials

  17. my dad and I both still to this day, talk about this game. absolutely insane experience

  18. Both teams got taken care of by the Patriots in the Playoffs. Best year I had as a Patriots fan.

  19. I can't believe I went to this game. I didn't even want to go at first after working 20 long hours in a busy hospital, but I was talked into it. I'm not even a fan of either of the team but I kinda enjoy rams games more than others behind my phins. This was the GREATEST football experience I have ever had in my life. Had incredible seats and saw this game in full amazement. Nothing will ever be better.

  20. Sean Mcvay really had people calling Goff a Superstar lol

  21. This is what happens when two teams have combined records of 18-2

  22. LMAO at the description. The time stamp guy was like “F it I’m not linking all those scoring plays, I’ll just do the start of each quarter”

  23. It’s crazy knowing the Rams did have an efficient offense but we’re absolutely man handled by New England.

  24. the amount of flags in the first quarter was insane

  25. but why did they take all their clothes off on the field and start hugging each other? Gay Af lol

  26. I'd love to see these teams face off in the superbowl this year. Stafford deserves a superbowl run!! After breaking his back in detroit for over a decade and getting screwed year after year it'd be so fitting for him to win the superbowl at home his first year gone from Detroit. That would just go to show all the critics that hey Stafford is all that and then some

  27. I just got done watching AB walk off the Field

  28. Only way this game would have been better if Al Michaels and Dan dierdorf and Frank Gifford we're doing commentary…. Either that or the legendary Pat summerall and John Madden….. These commentaries are so stale they don't deserve this game.

  29. Not a major football human. But I felt like hearing one. So thank you.

  30. Still can’t believe the rams gave up on Goff so quick

  31. These announcers were brutal it made the game hard to watch I had to mute them multiple times to get a break

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