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It’s spooky season so we take our annual trip to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood!

It’s SmoshVentures! We never know where we will end up next! Where do YOU want to see us go on our next adventure? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. No need to argue parents just don’t understand

  2. Sometimes when Courtney burps she looks like she’s in pain 😅😂😂

  3. the scariest was mot definitely at 12:06 when wes is in the back.

  4. I bet next horror nights will have Bird Box

  5. have you ever found yourself just jammin' out to the stranger things beat.

  6. On the negative side, I now have Epilepsy. On the plus side, this was funny af.

  7. I want friends like Courtney and Boze, friends that are down to go but are easily scared. Makes it more fun. My friends aren’t down to do haunted house stuff.

  8. So this maze terrified me so much I didnt even go in oops 😂

  9. I was there and my favorite was stranger things

  10. shows the camera some skeletons


  11. I went to the Halloween horror nights and my brother balled out moms friend husband balled out so it was just me my mom my dad and my parents friend awesome

  12. Did every single maze and they allowed us to be in the horror show

  13. We stayed there till closing time we had to run through all of the horror characters to get into the park side

  14. Courtney: i have never seen any of these horror movies so.

    me: Well I have seen all of those movies 200 times each.

    like if you are a big horror fan.

  15. This is literally like Christmas for Damien and it melts my heart!

  16. I NEED to know what song is playing in the beginning!!

  17. Love how most of the comment are about Damien and how his beard looks good lmaooo

  18. I wish could go to stuff like this! Horror stuff is my favorite!!!!!!!!

  19. They put in my opinion 4 of the funniest members together 😂

  20. The experience made poltergeist look a lot scarier than it actually is

  21. Twilight, please hit up Damien as your new voice over guy cause he has that voice down pat. Also, let him improv it cause he know spoopy

  22. Dameien=that was alot of fun

  23. The scariest thing in this video is Damian’s beard

  24. Man you guys are so lucky to live near there I live in a small town nowere near there

  25. who thinks it looks weird that Damien doesn't have his blue hair?

  26. “This is the digestive track… were on the magic school bus”😂😂

  27. Boze and Olivia have the same psycho energy, and I love it.

  28. Can we comment on how Courtney and Boze are clearly scared out of their minds, but they still manage to make jokes?

  29. Why damien isn’t scared: this overwhelming (in a good way) positivity overruns his fear (this is a joke btw-)

  30. Damien: “I havent seen truth or dare”
    Me: “isn’t Olivia’s boyfriend in that movie?”

  31. Damien looks really good in this video. Like the beard, the fluffy hair and the outfit. My boy is just adorable and I love him very much.

  32. I like how they title it about the Halloween haunted house but they never show the Halloween haunted house.

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