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KOBE BRYANT, the evolution in Video Games [1996 – 2018]

Video Games Evolution
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Kobe Bryant appeared in 86 video games between 1996 and 2018. Find in this video all these games and admire the evolution of Kobe Bryant.

!! This is an update of the video :


➞ MICHAEL JORDAN, the evolution in Video Games [1988 – 2018] :

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  1. 3:35 video games were so real back in the day… This niggas dick was at the rim 😂

  2. There were so many NBA games in the mid 90- early 2000s .

  3. NBA2K17 & NBA2K18 …fell backwards on graphics. Other than that, some of these games have mediocre graphics for the year they were made. Sorry for nitpicking, I'm a graphic & animation designer. Came just for that.

  4. Sega Dreamcast started it all with crazy graphics! Gotta give it all the credit to Sega for the start of the 2K Series!

  5. NBA 2K Dreamcast should have been the first when we hit the 128 bit era! It was amazing.

  6. Nba in the zone 99 was the hit ! One of my first nba games on PS1 , they had the dunk contest on it and 3pt contest , it's krazy how they had all those nba games back then but now they're just only two major nba games

  7. Virtua NBA is my shit playing in the Arcades!

  8. Nba Live saga was fun since 1997 to 2005; 2006 version was the beginning of the end…and I had some good times with "In the Zone" for PS1 too, nice game.

  9. I used to love NBA Shootout back in the day.😊

  10. First game was NBA live 1997 on super Nintendo

  11. nba 2k for dreamcast started all the realism

  12. RIP Bryant

    A Lakers legend, he has left the Courtside.

  13. In 1996 he looks like a dumb person

  14. Started playing basketball games in 97 played majority of all these games. Such great memories now I am 29 about to buy 2k21 lol

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