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Kotaku XP 10/19/2018 We Look At Your Halloween Costumes!

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On Twitter, we asked you to show us or tell us about your video-game-themed Halloween costumes of the past. Many of you did. We also promised that we wouldn’t make fun of you unless you used the body of your tweet to specifically request that we make fun of you. I am pleased to report that even if we had wanted to make fun of you, we wouldn’t have, because you were all great.

Relax with us for 53 minutes today, buddy. It’s gonna be a good time. We’ll also be back next week!


  1. I love Tim Rogers. Fuck that dude shits swagger

  2. Hey I made the show at 22:04! Im glad my terrible Luigi costume grosses you out so much haha. Thanks!

  3. Gita, Tim.

    I love you. Amazing way to uplift my Friday 💖✨

    All these costumes are amazing.

  4. Tim and Gita’s Spirit Halloween Reads are fucking hilarious! Thank you for putting this joy into the world. Please fund their trip to scream at costumes live in the store.

  5. The dream team! Making my Friday •not a total waist of living. ✌ <3

  6. the mouse cursor idea is INSPIRED ✨ i almost wanna take this look out again just to add that

  7. gonna paint my face white and wear adult yoshi for halloween this year

  8. I couldn’t help but buy that Cuphead mask from Hot Topic. Way too creepy cool.

  9. Brilliant 😀
    I especially enjoyed hearing about the Darth Vader costume Tim's mom made. Great to see Jack Packard from RLM too!

  10. I hope we get to see the RDR eagle in the video game birds episode

  11. That zombie Luigi had two different mustaches…

  12. Also, wtf, the Mortal Kombat movie was great. I saw it in theaters as a kid. No regrets.

  13. Tim’s hair is still great. Gita’s hair is always great.

  14. Will Kotaku XP ever return to the news format, or is it forever single-subject now?

  15. What happened to your short form weekly news show?

  16. All I want to hear is Gita Tim Pj and Alex riff into my ears for an hour. Gotta have a Gimlet/Kotaku crossover event.

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