Lego Halloween Trailer 2018 -

Lego Halloween Trailer 2018

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This is a Lego Stop Motion of The Trailer From The 2018 Version of Halloween. I don’t own the audio in this clip


  1. Fun fact: Reverse the name of this dude and you'll get SML 😂lol.

  2. Wait pennywise and Chucky is in this to😱 (lol)

  3. Петр Полянкин-Тихомировочкин says:


  4. I saw spiderman riding a bike in the video

  5. This is what I call a GOOD trailer an a 100 $ budget

  6. Bruh this is amazing (who can't wait for new movie 2020)

  7. i like the lego it funny when they close the door

  8. What is that face you used for Michael's Mask?

  9. Lol I love how this is Legos lol 😂 this was a great video, Genius!!!!! Lol

  10. I love this ❤️🤪💕 this is done so fucking great

  11. I saw the pennywise reference you snuck in

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