Lego Halloween Trailer 2018 -

Lego Halloween Trailer 2018

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This is a Lego Stop Motion of The Trailer From The 2018 Version of Halloween. I don’t own the audio in this clip


  1. Awesome video it's great and im a 10 year old kid and you inspired
    me to make my own lego halloween video it would be great of you checked it out and tell me what you think

  2. muito legal pois fez lego dos ums melhores serial kiler

  3. Hold on I know you people didn't see pennywise,slender man ,and deadpool

  4. Hey from what figure is that michael head peace

  5. 0:09 did anyone notice the jurnalist is reading necromicon ex mortis?

  6. I have to say this Lego trailer version is wayyyy better than Rob Zombies shit made movies… Those were an embarrassment and a waste. Sorry Rob, NOT sorry 👎💯

  7. I did not remember seen slenderman in Halloween 2018 remake

  8. 0:39 why is he pennywise? In the original trailer he was handcuffed to the ground. He wasnt handcuffed in this one, nor had a balloon in the original.

  9. me justo el trailer de haloween version lego

  10. Secret Easter egg on 0:10 look at the guy then look at the book he's looking at NECRONAMICON

  11. I saw the pennywise reference you snuck in

  12. I love this ❤️🤪💕 this is done so fucking great

  13. Lol I love how this is Legos lol 😂 this was a great video, Genius!!!!! Lol

  14. What is that face you used for Michael's Mask?

  15. i like the lego it funny when they close the door

  16. Bruh this is amazing (who can't wait for new movie 2020)

  17. This is what I call a GOOD trailer an a 100 $ budget

  18. I saw spiderman riding a bike in the video

  19. Петр Полянкин-Тихомировочкин says:


  20. Fun fact: Reverse the name of this dude and you'll get SML 😂lol.

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