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let’s talk the State of Video Games w YongYea, SkillUp & Jake Baldino

Alanah Pearce
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A discussion on how we feel about VIDEO GAMES right now, and upcoming games we’re excited about, after E3 and GamesCom have come to a close.
Jake Baldino:

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  1. Wait, literally all my favorite video game YouTubers DO this? I need to be more on top of it!

  2. Brilliant panel Alanah! Why isn't this a regular meetup, and how can we make it at least a bi-weekly event? I'd give my left kidney …. or $15 … probably $10, but definitely not less than $7.5.

    PS: Ralph could sell me anything, and I'd buy it whether I need it or not. Although disappointed he didn't plug the game of the generation … Maneater.

  3. Omg it’s Jake! I remember him from PMI? Damn he’s grown so much!!

  4. Ralph and Alanah are so right about Outer Wilds, if you like video games or enjoy absolute works of masterpieces in general and haven't played it yet then you are missing out big time, I don't care who you are

  5. How to tell if other people in your group are really listening to you ,You can always tell if other people are listening to you by their rapid eye blinking while they listen to you.it’s a sign off concentration.

  6. It's like somebody said "Avengers Assemble!", and this video popped up on my timeline.

  7. I'm surprised that not one of them knew that the halo release date was announced on stage at opening night live with a trailer and halo series x reveal and not just in a blog post. Definitely wasn't slipped under the radar.

  8. Happy to see the four main channels i watch in one place 😁😁👌

  9. Saints Row reboot:
    Don't like it = you're getting old!
    Like it = You're old but gonna try to be hip and with it, whatever "it" is now.

  10. oooh all my fav content creators in one place, yes plzzzz

  11. You know what I found great was how much I ended up smiling during this.

  12. Oh man when Alanah said outerwilds I went straight to Ralph to watch him light up and get excited about his favorite game. And then Sifu for jake after Yong brought it up.

  13. Love Ralph getting everyone excited on FFXIV.

  14. This exact lineup needs to happen way more often. Thanks. 🙂

  15. This was awesome, would love to hear you guys meet up again

  16. Its good that everyone has a realistic amount of chubbiness

  17. I love everybody here, i watch everyones coverage to get my own opinion on games and the gaming industry in general, i watch them religiously now xd

  18. Used to love Yong until the video hi did about the Days Gone director, that showed me that he do a lazy research and dont realy care about the truth

  19. VR is the future of video games, nothing compares to actually being in the world!
    Games these days feel too similar and VR gaming feels like breath of fresh air, as VR gaming is still in it's early days, each new game that comes out brings something new to the genre. Feels like the good old days when game devs were passionate about the games rather then their profits.

  20. Finally found the channel of Alanah. Since she left Inside gaming I was looking for it but I couldn't remember her name or write it right. She was the best there, and this podcast was amazing too. Glad to subscribe.

  21. this should totally be a series with a rotating casts of youtube/website reviewers and maybe even lets play channels

  22. Internet: Who is SkillUP?

    SkillUP is a free program that helps Food Stamp (SNAP) recipients get help with skills, training, and employer connections to get a job (or a better job). A SkillUP job coach will work with you to create an individual plan to help you reach your goals and start a new career.

    ok…wait what?

  23. I watch Skillup, YongYea and Jake religiously. Now I’m adding one more to the list 🙂

  24. Would love a rag tag podcast with y’all😂

  25. Ralph preaching the gospel of ff14 love to see it

  26. Saints row looks like a Saints Tow game made in 2021 honestly. The kids that are Playing it aren’t the same kids who played the old one. It reminded me of Toy Story 4 “passing the torch” kinda feeling. It just needs to respect the fans that made it what it is while catering to a new line of players to the franchise.

  27. This needs to be a regular podcast… even if it's a monthly recap 🙏👀

  28. You guys need to make this a regular thing. A monthly podcast would be awesome. Great discussion from some of my favourite creators.

  29. all 4 of these people are simply amazing and deliver the best gaming news and reviews content on Youtube, IMO. Best to you all!

  30. It would be so cool if this becomes a monthly thing

  31. Can this be the replacement for the Co-optional podcast, since Total Biscuit passed?

  32. Hope you make this at least a quarterly thing. Enjoyed watching it.

  33. Literally 4 of the best and my favorite content creators all on one video.

  34. If you have a remotely decent gaming PC, there's absolutely no reason to get an Xbox

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