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let’s talk the State of Video Games w YongYea, SkillUp & Jake Baldino

Alanah Pearce
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A discussion on how we feel about VIDEO GAMES right now, and upcoming games we’re excited about, after E3 and GamesCom have come to a close.
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  1. If you have a remotely decent gaming PC, there's absolutely no reason to get an Xbox

  2. Literally 4 of the best and my favorite content creators all on one video.

  3. Hope you make this at least a quarterly thing. Enjoyed watching it.

  4. Can this be the replacement for the Co-optional podcast, since Total Biscuit passed?

  5. It would be so cool if this becomes a monthly thing

  6. all 4 of these people are simply amazing and deliver the best gaming news and reviews content on Youtube, IMO. Best to you all!

  7. You guys need to make this a regular thing. A monthly podcast would be awesome. Great discussion from some of my favourite creators.

  8. This needs to be a regular podcast… even if it's a monthly recap 🙏👀

  9. Saints row looks like a Saints Tow game made in 2021 honestly. The kids that are Playing it aren’t the same kids who played the old one. It reminded me of Toy Story 4 “passing the torch” kinda feeling. It just needs to respect the fans that made it what it is while catering to a new line of players to the franchise.

  10. Ralph preaching the gospel of ff14 love to see it

  11. Would love a rag tag podcast with y’all😂

  12. I watch Skillup, YongYea and Jake religiously. Now I’m adding one more to the list 🙂

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