MAGIC JOHNSON, the evolution in Video Games [1989 - 2018] -

MAGIC JOHNSON, the evolution in Video Games [1989 – 2018]

Video Games Evolution
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All Magic Johnson’s appearances in video games from 1989 to 2018. Here is the list of 37 games in which you can play with Earvin Magic Johnson. Let’s compare how these games have evolved over time and how Magic Johnson has been reproduced in each game.

➽ Michael Jordan, the evolution in video games :

➽ Kobe Bryant, the evolution in video games :


  1. Hello everyone, I present a new video today dedicated to Magic Johnson. Find all the games in which he has appeared so far since 1989. Thank you for your support. Good viewing!

  2. It is a real shame this current generation of consoles hasn't been able to portrait legendary teams in a proper way. Those dark arenas of today's games just kill immersion for me. That is not the way it should look.

  3. the thing is he is so good that you cant imitate him in a video game….how do u imitate his passes….his passes were amazing then

  4. Hey youd dint get Magic from NBA live 95 or maybe it was 96..i know he wasnt there but he was there as a secret player….if you put certain last names….they come out then waters the

  5. MBA 2K1 was the best of all times for a. NBA game

  6. Magic is the goat. And my favorite player but I think he dunked more in these highlights than he ever did in real life.

  7. He is the real goat. Think so he's not shoot threes well for his last season in the NBA.

  8. Every time nba 2k18 comes up you guys use the pc version lol 🗑

  9. 0:30 if we can have CincinnatiVSCleveland then that will be the best rivals

  10. Why the picture in 89 look better than 2k18 animated Magic? 2k11 still has smoother player movement than now

  11. Can you try evolution of wade all games

  12. Greatest Laker. I am not a Lakers fan. But damn he was great.
    Basketball is better when the Lakers are good

  13. U should do one on Isaiah thomas Larry bird barkey etc

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