MARVEL'S AVENGERS SPIDER-MAN All Cutscenes Full Movie (PS5 4K 60FPS) -

MARVEL’S AVENGERS SPIDER-MAN All Cutscenes Full Movie (PS5 4K 60FPS)

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MARVEL’S AVENGERS SPIDER-MAN All Cutscenes Full Movie (PS5 4K 60FPS)

Peter Parker works with the Avengers to stop AIM from getting new technology. Play Spider-Man throughout the Avengers Initiative when he swings in to Marvel’s Avengers for PS4 and PS5!

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  1. Good on you for playing this quite frankly horrifically awful game to get us these. Hope it didn't leave too much damage.

  2. why does he sound out of breath the whole game

  3. I like Sean Chiplock and think he's great at voice acting… but the voice direction they gave him in this game is atrocious. He's doing the "awkward nervous kid" voice when this is supposed to be an older version of peter. that part where he says "well I thought it was funny" sounded great! why wasn't he doing that voice the whole time???

  4. Somehow, if Spider-Man's exclusivity times up & become available in non-PS consoles for "Comes Great Responsibility" story expansion, the said storyline should introduce Miles prior to being playable, similar how Clint-Hawkeye was NPC in Taking AIM prior to being playable in Future Imperfect.

  5. Not really exciting… or worth being Sony exclusive. They probably paid Square $40million just to make this uninspiring dlc

  6. It’s just like Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 2018.

  7. 15 minutes of cut scenes lol what a joke

  8. Spider Man in this is totally different from the PS4 one

  9. The way Spider-Man runs is so awkward.
    Otherwise the animations and graphics are very good.
    Spider-Mans voice actor is good but when he is serious and not that whinny wimpy side.
    That side is annoying.
    Spider-Man is awkward but not whinny.

  10. Yuri playing as peter in Spiderman ps4 > whoever the fuck is playing this spiderman

  11. So he's an Avenger and a solo hero? I'm honestly surprised by how well Spidey manages to balance the two (and somehow still have a day job on top of all of it).


  13. I like Spider Man in this game. He's not as agile as in Insomniacs games, but fighting with him is fun. 👍🏼

  14. All cutscenes…lol runtime 15 minutes?…That was super long wait for 15 minutes lol


    They should make at least 2 hours story for him …,

  16. Liz Allen kinda reminds me of that miles morales' villain friend

  17. How do u get those scenes besides the first one

  18. the voice actor was not my slice of pie to say the least

  19. So will he be taken off the main menu screen after Completion??

  20. Here's one thing I never understood about this game's plot. How is AIM still around publicly after they attacked the United States military and attempted to gas Americans with their Dark-Terrigen? I would love to hear one of CD's writers try and explain that one.

  21. So the only cutscene we got from this was the beginning?
    How long did we waited for this?

  22. I don't like the fact, that the characters have a different voice than those from the movie…

  23. Idk how long they pushed this off but it was supposed to release Christmas after this game came out so like 4 months after snd after that long delayed time we only get this lol I didn’t try any dlc I couldn’t get back into the game I just watched them but even the other ones had more cutscenes than this and this is the one people were anticipating the most is it still a ps exclusive only to?

  24. This was it?! That's all?!

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