Marvel's Spider Man 2018 - All Black Cat Stakeout Locations & Solutions - Find Black Cat's Hideout -

Marvel’s Spider Man 2018 – All Black Cat Stakeout Locations & Solutions – Find Black Cat’s Hideout

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Marvel’s Spider-Man (2018 PS4) – Cat Prints Trophy Guide – Track down Black Cat (Completed All Black Cat Stakeouts).

There are 12 Black Cat Stakeouts in Marvel’s Spider-Man (2018). This video shows the locations and solutions to all of them.

The first one is part of the story and unmissable. The remaining 11 get marked on the map. Finding them is therefore quite self-explanatory. The harder part is finding the Black Cat’s hidden dolls that are scattered around the city. Once you reach the photo spot, you must find the hidden doll in the viewable area.

After getting all of them you get to track down Black Cat’s hideout. This one will be shown on the map via a quest marker. Once you find Black Cat’s hideout you get two rewards: the Dark Suit and the Cat Prints silver trophy.

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  1. Can't we have just 1 comic where they stay together?
    Without turning evil like in Web of Shadows? (I love that game though)

  2. Dude, what the hell? The one in Hell’s Kitchen is glitched! There’s no camera (everything else is there). That’s the only one I haven’t gotten, and now I can’t get it.

  3. What suit is this guy doing the walkthrough wearing?

  4. ありがとうございます!とても参考になりました!

  5. a red utility belt would've been a cool addition

  6. How do you zoom in? I have this on PS4 and can't zoom in with any button.

  7. I’ve got all 12 of the cats but the side mission won’t appear on my map. Do I have do something else before I can do this?

  8. That was very helpful, thank you for making this video

  9. I have 10 cat badges the other 2 won't show up on my map

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