Marvel's Spider-Man 2018 - Home Team Advantage Side Mission Walkthrough (Student Locations) -

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2018 – Home Team Advantage Side Mission Walkthrough (Student Locations)

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This walkthrough shows the Side Mission “Home Team Advantage” in Marvel’s Spider-Man (2018 PS4). This mission is part of a 5-part quest line “Corrupted Students” that unlocks the trophy “Schooled”.

The quests are about finding missing student locations but they aren’t marked on the map. In this one you have to find the missing football team at Washington Square.

– Starting District: Greenwich
– Reward: 1500XP
– Requirement: Completed A Matter of Debate Side Mission

– Get to Washington Square Park next to ESU
– Defeat the corrupted


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  1. What’s that skill you use to web them down to the ground

  2. Hello powerpyx hope that you are fine , I have a question about a trophy called Neighbourhood , I have cleared all the enemies bases but there is no more crimes spawning in every area , I have checked your website but you said it doesn’t matter if you cleared all the enemies bases the crime will spawn ,did they update that ?! Please this is my last trophy and I don’t know what to do.

  3. Hi will you be doing Shadow of The Tomb Raider trophy guide?

  4. Hey I’ve done all of the trophies that you have done a guide on but I’m still missing a hidden trophy can u help me out plz

  5. Thanks for not showing the map icon? What the fuck.

  6. You’re the best PlayStation guide YouTuber ever thanks a lot.

  7. No point asking questions cuz you'll never get an answer

  8. You help me sooooo much I just want to thank you very much for your work

  9. So you're telling me they're fighting cops and not one shot fired lol

  10. 3:36 I was wearing the same costume at the time I completed this mission. This was before I found this trophy video. What are the odds of both of us having great dress sense? 😂😂😂

  11. Thx if you not tell me where is a locion I well be go not in a place thx you very much

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