Marvel's Spider-Man (2018) - Hug It Out Trophy Guide -

Marvel’s Spider-Man (2018) – Hug It Out Trophy Guide

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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2018 (PS4) – Hug It Out Trophy Guide – Knock together 10 pairs of enemies with Trip Mines [Bronze]

You unlock Trip Mines automatically in Act 2, Main Mission “Dual Purpose”. So first you have to reach this mission and it will unlock the Tripe Mine Gadget.

The fastest way to farm this is in the Fisk Hideout of Harlem (if it has already been completed you can replay it at any time by returning to the hideout). There are multiple groups of enemies standing close together. Shoot a Trip Mine at one enemy that’s facing another. The trip mine will cause them to get knocked together. Click “Restart Checkpoint” to repeat and farm 10 pairs. If you run out of Trip Mines, use the Anti-Ock Suit’s ability “Resupply”. It instantly recharges your Trip Mines when they’re the actively selected gadget (it’s the suit you get for completing the story). You can farm 2-3 pairs per try. With checkpoint restart you will be done in 1-2 minutes.

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All Marvel’s Spider-Man (2018, PS4) Trophies:

Does Whatever a Spider Can
Collect all Trophies

Superior Spider-Man
Unlock all Skills

I Heart Manhattan
100% complete all districts

Master of Masters
Defeat Taskmaster

Collect all Backpacks

Cat Prints
Track down Black Cat

Inner Sanctuary
Take down each Demon Warehouse

All the King’s Men
Take down each Fisk Hideout

Mercenary Tactics
Take down each Sable Outpost

Back in the Slammer
Take down each Prisoner Camp

Neighborhood Watch
Complete all Faction Crimes in a district

A Suit For All Seasons
Purchase all Suits

Complete all of the Corrupted Student missions

Amazing Coverage
All Surveillance Towers activated

Short Fuse
Get Spectacular or better in a Taskmaster Bomb Challenge

Fists of Fury
Get Spectacular or better in a Taskmaster Combat Challenge

Get Spectacular or better in a Taskmaster Stealth Challenge

Spy Hunter
Get Spectacular or better in a Taskmaster Drone Challenge

Challenge Finder
Complete every Taskmaster Challenge in the city once

Complete all Research Stations

Demons Emerge
Complete Act 1

The Six Assemble
Complete Act 2

End Game
Complete Act 3

Science FTW!
Craft 15 Upgrades

Knocking Down Kingpin
Defeat Fisk

Staying Positive
Defeat Li

Defeat Electro and Vulture

Sting and Smash
Defeat Scorpion and Rhino

Tombstone Takedown
Defeat Tombstone

Shock and Awe
Defeat Shocker

Bird Bane
Disturb 500 flocks of pigeons

King of Swing
Complete a level 1 Traversal Benchmark

And Stay Down!
Complete a level 1 Combat Benchmark

Pigeon Hunter
Catch all of Howard’s Pigeons

Hug It Out
Knock together 10 pairs of enemies with Trip Mines

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man
Complete All Side Missions

The Scientific Method
Craft your first Upgrade

Perfect Dodge 10 attacks

Complete 10 Vehicle Takedowns

With Great Power…
Pay respects at Ben Parker’s grave

Hero for Higher
Perch atop Avengers Tower

Photograph all Landmarks on the Map

Born to Ride
Ride te Subway 5 times

Sticky and Tricky
Chain 4 unique tricks before landing

Snappy Dresser
Wear 5 new Spider-Suits

Perform 75 Stealth Takedowns

Lost and Found
Collect 5 Backpacks

Spider-Man About Town
Greet 10 citizens

Cat’s Out of the Bag
Collect a Black Cat collectible

A Bit of a Fixer-Upper
Complete all optional projects in the lab

Ace the Base
Complete all objectives in a base


  1. I’m missing one hidden trophy!!! Is it the newspapers??

  2. What's that last "Does Whatever a Spider Can" trophy? I don't see it on the official list of trophies. ???

  3. Just got my platinum after getting 'Hug it out', Which I might say was one of the easiest Platinums ever.

  4. I have platinum but the game says I’m a 98% which I don’t understand! Please tell me what’s happening

  5. Do yo do it in a row? Because I have been doing this for thirty minutes and still it won't work 😔

  6. Nice that was literally the one trophy I was missing

  7. I went through the whole game not knowing you could do this lol.



  9. Thanks for the guide I needed this

  10. Heck yessss thank you! It's the only trophy I don't have! 😊

  11. For some reason it’s not giving me the trophy. I did 10 and still nothing. What am I doing wrong??

  12. i got the achievement the other day without even realizing how i did it

  13. I have watched a quite a few videos and you always come through to show me exactly what I'm looking for thank you.
    In now I gotta platinum playing Spiderman. 😁👍👍

  14. Thanks, I was trying to shoot it between them and it never worked.

  15. Incase anyone was wondering, I don’t think it has to be consecutive. I did the fisk hideout and got it in like, 3 tries only getting one to two wrapped up

  16. This is super helpful. I completely misunderstood it and thought you had to get 10 guys together at once. Glad that's not the case. Thank you.

  17. As expected of powerpyx, your guides are always awesome

  18. Some one please help , do I need to do 10 in a row or 10 in total?

  19. Thanks, thought this meant ten enemies together with ONE trip mine. Good to know it’s not that bad, now I just need to get I heart Manhattan then the lab one and I’ll have platinum.

  20. Hi how do you replay missions can anyone help me cause I don't want to go back over the game again.

  21. I got all 🏆now this video helped a lot for me

  22. Question: do the benchmarks carry over to new game plus?

  23. I got this trophies on accident in a sable base lol

  24. Does Whatever a Spider Can?
    For me it says Be Greater but I really don’t care

  25. Getting platinum in spiderman is not easy. We feel it easy because we just love that game, swinging around NYC . So conclusion, no one can stop us from doing what we love.

  26. (Marvel'sSpiderMan[PS4]HugItOutTrophyGuideUndiesSuitFiskConstruction!).

  27. I got my first Platinum Trophy with this. Thank you!

  28. This was the last trophy I needed for platinum! Thanks!!

  29. wow.. i dont know if the trip mine can be used like this. thanks for the video!

  30. Every time I use it they always go to a wall

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