Marvel's Spider-Man 2018 - Over His Head Side Mission Walkthrough (Student Locations) -

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2018 – Over His Head Side Mission Walkthrough (Student Locations)

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This walkthrough shows the Side Mission “Over His Head” in Marvel’s Spider-Man (2018 PS4). This mission is part of a 5-part quest line “Corrupted Students” that unlocks the trophy “Schooled”.

The quests are about finding missing student locations but they aren’t marked on the map. In this one you have to find the missing Steve Hopkins in a park at Upper West Side.

– Starting District: Greenwich
– Reward: 1500XP
– Requirement: Completed Tick Tock Side Mission

– Find photo location in Upper West Side Park
– Defeat thugs
– Defeat the corrupted


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  1. anyone else come here cause they couldn’t find the “upper west” area

  2. I couldn't find this damn place at night especially a giant ass park, thanks

  3. Meanwhile, I searched the shit out of central park…

  4. That one part in the game that everyone needs PowerPyx for lmao

  5. Searched Entire central park. Feelsbadman. Thankyou PowerPyx!

  6. thanks alot this video helped so much .. i spent like 30 mins tryna find this location lol

  7. I went to the North West side as he said, and it lead me straight to the library. I searched the shit out of Central Park and couldn’t find anything.

  8. Wasted an hour searching in the upper EAST side smh

  9. I met phillip in greenwich,so I figured dude wld be in Greenwich. Turns out upper west side is not in Greenwich? Lmao wow

  10. It says head north of ESU lol

    ESU is in Greenwich

  11. Omg thank you I have been looking for this for like an hour

  12. Thank you I was going to lose it if he keeps saying north

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