Marvel's Spider-Man (2018) - Wilson Fisk Kingpin Boss Fight (Spectacular Difficulty) -

Marvel’s Spider-Man (2018) – Wilson Fisk Kingpin Boss Fight (Spectacular Difficulty)

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Marvel’s Spider-Man (2018) Fisk Boss Fight on Spectacular Difficulty, recorded on PS4 Pro.

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Fisk is the first boss fight in Marvel’s Spider-Man. and unmissable as part of the story.

When the fight starts there are two turrets in the room. Use L1 + R1 to destroy them. In the next phase you must shoot webs at Fisk to stun him, then perform a combo and repeat. When he calls his henchmen, defeat them first and then shoot webs at Fisk again and attack.


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  1. Per scansare tutti i colpi così occorre prendere qualche droga specifica…non è attendibile questo video! 😆

  2. Wilson Fisk could destroy the avengers, the fantastic four, and even the x men.

  3. Pareces un haker asiendo todos esos movimientos yo noy noop en ese juego f😥

  4. My friend's brother called him an angry baby. Now that's all he is to me is Angry Baby lol

  5. Aurora - Księżniczka Dobra i Światła says:

    Spider is so funny.

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