Marvel's Spider-Man (2018) - Wilson Fisk Kingpin Boss Fight (Spectacular Difficulty) -

Marvel’s Spider-Man (2018) – Wilson Fisk Kingpin Boss Fight (Spectacular Difficulty)

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Marvel’s Spider-Man (2018) Fisk Boss Fight on Spectacular Difficulty, recorded on PS4 Pro.

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Fisk is the first boss fight in Marvel’s Spider-Man. and unmissable as part of the story.

When the fight starts there are two turrets in the room. Use L1 + R1 to destroy them. In the next phase you must shoot webs at Fisk to stun him, then perform a combo and repeat. When he calls his henchmen, defeat them first and then shoot webs at Fisk again and attack.


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  1. "You put on that costume because it lets you feel alright with who you really are.

    It lets you hurt people, and makes you feel like it's for something important, something good, maybe even for God.

    But that ain't the truth, and we both know it.

    You and your uncle are both cut from the same cloth.

    A nobody who takes satisfaction from taking a perceived moral high ground, but met the same demise as the criminals he looked down upon.

    And his nephew, who's trying to convince himself that he's any better than the common thieves he chases, that it's not just a game, that he doesn't do it just for the thrill and the danger, and that he's worthy of his power, and strong enough to hold the responsibility that his uncle preached.

    You were born from nothing.

    You remain nothing!"

  2. I think the Italian mafia voice fits kingpin the best


  4. I feel like I should get this game. Should i?

  5. What can cuffs do you Fisk? Just break out man.

  6. I don't understand how kingpin even has the strength to take one punch from Spiderman. Isn't he just a really strong human?

  7. Fisk*:Men you know what to do Someone:Surround him! *Fisk Am I A joke to you?!

  8. But wheres his tiny head and huge block like body…

  9. Yeah well I'm glad I got this game for $20 because I just got to this boss 4 couldn't figure out how to take down the big old guns after watching the rest of the boss fight I'm not even going to attempt it these games nowadays are way too difficult. Games are supposed to be fun not extremely ballbusting. So glad I didn't waste $60 on this game all the hype that surrounded his game and it's nothing but a ball buster useless trash nothing fun about it

  10. Fisk: Spent 8 years fighting Spider-Man. He has presumably seen much of Spidey's skill and resourcefulness.

    Also Fisk: Last line of defence is a sheet of glass and two low clip capacity turrets.

  11. If kingpin is came to MCU it can be played by vin diesel

  12. Why is a fat man a boss fight? Makes no sense.

  13. Omg how funny
    I was stuck at this level forever
    Then I turn my headphones off and play this with no sound
    I won!
    I guess all the noise battle got me nervous

  14. Is Kingpin the tertiary antagonist while Silver Sable is the quaternary?

  15. Sergeant Hartman: "A Jelly Doughnut, Private Pyle?!"

  16. I prefer Wilson Fisk in his classic white Godfather suit while holding his signature diamond cane.

  17. When Fisk yelled at Spider Man, he sounds like The Heavy.

  18. Wilson Fisk had to be "enhanced" to be able to take a beating from Spider-Man and still be alive. Spider-Man can lift 10 tons, so a punch from him could generate several tons of force per square inch. Whatever part of part of Kingpin's body that gets hit by Spidey would be positively obliterated. Kingpin can go toe-to-toe with and even beat-down the Punisher or Daredevil, but not Spider-Man.

  19. Aurora - Księżniczka Dobra i Światła says:

    Spider is so funny.

  20. My friend's brother called him an angry baby. Now that's all he is to me is Angry Baby lol

  21. Pareces un haker asiendo todos esos movimientos yo noy noop en ese juego f😥

  22. Wilson Fisk could destroy the avengers, the fantastic four, and even the x men.

  23. Per scansare tutti i colpi così occorre prendere qualche droga specifica…non è attendibile questo video! 😆

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