Marvel's Spider-Man - 5 Reasons You Should Play This! (2018 | PS4) -

Marvel’s Spider-Man – 5 Reasons You Should Play This! (2018 | PS4)

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What makes Marvel’s Spider-Man on the PS4 great! My take on it!
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The New Spider-Man from Insomiac Games is excellent – a great storyline, tight controls and really well balanced game mechanics.

There are also loads of easter eggs and references thrown in there for the Marvel faithful!

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  1. Yes.. I would personally like to see more gaming reviews . Infact i have been looking out for good a channel which does game reviews.. Carry it on Ash pls! love always.. 😃👍

  2. Thanks man this is exactly what I suggested you do on this channel on your Instagram picture. Game reviews would do the channel a world of good.

    P.S. playig Spiderman now on my PS4 and enjoying the hell out of it

  3. Which is best. Having a PC with graphics card or playstation or Xbox

  4. Bro you gotta do more gaming reviews man this is cool

  5. Wait did I miss something… what to the Poco F1 winners.. contest

  6. I've completed the game now doing side missions

  7. Mah Fav Game! Keep doing these types of videos

  8. Is this PS4 exclusive? Any chance of this coming to other platforms?

  9. Breathe of fresh air, ash tired of phones can we see more of games now…

  10. So Wilson Fisk from Daredevil is in the Spider-Man game ??

  11. Too nice the problem is i don't have PS4 😂😂

  12. Sir do you know the game Spiderman web of shadows
    Graphics in that game is also good

  13. I like that you are covering things other than smarphones only

  14. don't know what's wrong with this video but trebles are too high just felt pain in my ear..

  15. The only thing I have playing games is my phone so…… I'm unlucky to play it

  16. Vera games pathiyum pannunga ore tech a pathu bore adiku

  17. Only if those bast.ards didn't kept it as a ps4 exclusive. Yeah the graphics looks cool, cinematics too etc etc but this has the essence of Spider Man Web Of Shadows which was available on pc. SO yeah FU.CK sony.

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