Marvel’s Spider-Man – Be Greater Extended Trailer | PS4 -

Marvel’s Spider-Man – Be Greater Extended Trailer | PS4

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Marvel’s Spider-Man extended trailer. BE GREATER. Available Now.

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  1. At 0:53 u can see the roxxon building, did sony already have miles morales in mind when they released this?

  2. imagine capturing the entire essence of Spider-Man in a CGI trailer, when a franchise like Marvel Studios still hasn’t even touched it yet

  3. spiderman would have fell on the road already

  4. The new spiderman miles morales game thing: Just came out
    Youtube: Do you want to watch the trailer of the new Spiderman game?

  5. Miles is pretty cool, but Peter, the OG is just plain Amazing

  6. I love this trailer! It reminds me of why Spider-Man is my most favorite character because he’s human like everyone else. Getting beat to his lowest point only to hear Aunt May tell him ‘it’s time to get up’ runs chills up my spine. I lost my great-grandmother who kinda took the ‘Aunt May’ role in my life. Yes I have a mom, who is the best mother a guy could ask for, but my great-grandmother always made me feel special. Her last teaching I remember her telling me before she passed was, “You’re as happy as you make yourself out to be.” Meaning no one can make you truly happy but yourself. My advice: Be Greater than who you think you can be, and I can assure you, you’ll make yourself out to be a hero in everyone else’s eyes.

  7. i have watched this so many times…….who is the guy at the end??

  8. i dont care what anybody says about me loving Spider-Man. He is my favourite character of all time!! I could play this game all day if i wanted to!! Because this game makes me feel for both Peter and Spider-Man!! Spider-Man, Godzilla and Kong are my top three favourite characters of all time and NOBODY CAN TELL ME WHAT I HAVE TO LIKE OR NOTTO LIKE!! I can relate to Spider-Man, i can relate to Kong and Godzilla. Thank you for making these characters a realty for me to relate to!!

  9. This trailer looks better than any spiderman movie xD

  10. Anyone else want this turned into a movie because the animation is just great

  11. YOYOYOYO!!!! GUYS! check out the building at 0:54!!! the villian for miles morales is ROXXON!!!!!

  12. sometimes i drop by this trailer whenever im in need of a little motivation in life

  13. Pause at 0:34 and make an art piece of this. Also a great moment in this trailer

  14. At fullsail university they play some of this trailer in order to brain wash you into going to there school. It works really well

  15. well well welll, sony released spiderman on pccccc, its be longggggggg timeeeeee

  16. Anyone else thinks this trailer is encouraging

  17. Who’s here after watching the miles trailer both of these trailers were amazing and breathtaking Peter trailer thought us to be greater and miles trailer told us to be are self🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  18. Sony pls also launch a miles Morales ps5 ( the fan made one )

  19. That part where he falls is just relatable. It's what all people go trough. U either let urself stay in the darkness or get up.

  20. Who's the bearded guy in the end and why does he have to do with this?

  21. A moment of silence for all the webs that sacrificed themselves to save the debris.

  22. Wow this trailer is sad like really sad that’s what Peter has to go through everyday yet he still protects everyone that’s just powerful man

  23. I just realised how similar this is to being in secondary school yh no this is secondary school it starts with year 7 then goes to year 8 and 9 then 10 and 11 then when aunt may says wake up it’s year 12 then goes to year 13 and when he gets back to the top and is fighting Mister negative is University

  24. no matter what if you fall you always get back up

  25. Anybody else notice when he starts to hear voices insulting him not one of then was Jonah's voice?

  26. Peter Spiderman trailer : Heroic music
    Miles Spiderman trailer : Baddas teenager's music

  27. Even the trailer in this game is beatuiful

  28. Does anyone wonder if this Spidey will be in No Way Home or Into the Spider-Verse

  29. “No matter how hard you get hit you can always get up,always”
    – Spider-Man

  30. This game is one of the only games I wish I could erase off my mind and play again from scratch

  31. “These are my powers, my curse. With great power comes great responsibility and you should use them to become greater and be yourself.”

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