Marvel’s Spider-Man – Be Greater Extended Trailer | PS4 -

Marvel’s Spider-Man – Be Greater Extended Trailer | PS4

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Marvel’s Spider-Man extended trailer. BE GREATER. Available Now.

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  1. “These are my powers, my curse. With great power comes great responsibility and you should use them to become greater and be yourself.”

  2. This game is one of the only games I wish I could erase off my mind and play again from scratch

  3. “No matter how hard you get hit you can always get up,always”
    – Spider-Man

  4. Does anyone wonder if this Spidey will be in No Way Home or Into the Spider-Verse

  5. Even the trailer in this game is beatuiful

  6. Peter Spiderman trailer : Heroic music
    Miles Spiderman trailer : Baddas teenager's music

  7. Anybody else notice when he starts to hear voices insulting him not one of then was Jonah's voice?

  8. no matter what if you fall you always get back up

  9. I just realised how similar this is to being in secondary school yh no this is secondary school it starts with year 7 then goes to year 8 and 9 then 10 and 11 then when aunt may says wake up it’s year 12 then goes to year 13 and when he gets back to the top and is fighting Mister negative is University

  10. Wow this trailer is sad like really sad that’s what Peter has to go through everyday yet he still protects everyone that’s just powerful man

  11. A moment of silence for all the webs that sacrificed themselves to save the debris.

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