Marvel's SPIDER-MAN Collector's Edition Unboxing! + PS4 Slim Limited Edition Console + Comics -

Marvel’s SPIDER-MAN Collector’s Edition Unboxing! + PS4 Slim Limited Edition Console + Comics

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Unboxing Marvel’s Spider-Man Collector’s Edition and PS4 Slim 1Tb Limited Edition Amazing Red console. Spider-Man comics. Real life streets of New York.
PS4 Pro Spider-Man Limited Edition
Ultra rare Spider-Man media kit
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Found them comics with help from
(comics publisher & shop)
(local Finnish store in Hämeenlinna)

Special thanks to Lukas for sending footage from real life streets of New York!


  1. I have already played MAVEL’S SPIDER-MAN campaign already and it was awesome.

  2. Save this video game for putting in the Meauseam

  3. I am playing Marvel SPIDER MAN 2019 Since I bought the PS4 Slim. That was may 5 2020

  4. I love this game at the moment im playing the amazing spider man 2 awesome youtuber btw keep up the good work

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