Marvel's Spider-Man Comparison: PS4 2018 vs. PS5 Remaster 2020 -

Marvel’s Spider-Man Comparison: PS4 2018 vs. PS5 Remaster 2020

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We’re starting to get a look at what the Spider-Man PS4 remaster will look like, and in a surprise twist, Peter Parker looks completely different. What’s your take on his new look?

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  1. If you think you had a worst day seeing the new Peter Parker, think about Mary Jane and Miles Morales.

  2. the like and dislikes, perfectly balanced as they should be.

  3. I REALLY prefer the old one ffs. That's literally the only reason I'm not going for the special edition of Miles Morales. Why did they bother changing it??

  4. why do the graphics in the remastered version look worst than the original?

  5. It’s like they are trying to make it look like the old one never existed lol

  6. Old Peter is way better looks more better aswell

  7. They even changed his hair style…. this had to have been a decision made by Sony. He looks like hes wearing make up. This is a guy who's fighting crime all day wearing a mask and it looks like he just spent 20 minutes in a bathroom getting himself all cleaned up. I'm sorry but insomniac this new face was a mistake.

  8. Wtf….just a tad better on PS5. I don't think I'm gonna upgrade. Think I'll better save it for Apple's M1 Mac Mini.

  9. Why does the "remaster" details look worse? Peter's face doesn't have the definition of the original, no forehead creases, no wrinkles and it looks like they increased the lighting so they wouldn't have to bother about shading

  10. When I heard they remade his face, I thought ''Meh, people will get used to the new one and move on''

    But I said that before I saw his new face… Yeah this one is a miss and a fail, Insomniac Games or whoever's in charge. Not just the design, but it doesn't fit his age, and it doesn't properly express the emotions of the original model!

  11. Why they gotta change his face now he looks like miles's apprentice

  12. 14k likes and 14k dislikes

    perfectly balance, as all things should be…

  13. Oh boy I hate the new face so much. He doesn't have emotions anymore.
    This port shouldn't have existed

  14. Is nobody gonna talk about how old peter looks like Nathan drake from uc4

  15. Wow next gen graphics really do make a difference! 😉

  16. That new peter face look so plastic, so perfect like he use ton of makeup

  17. Ps5 Peter is much more handsome and ps4 one looks like that kid from toy story 1

  18. PS5: Tom Holland + Andrew Garfield
    PS4: Andrew Garfield + ..James Franco??

  19. Has Insomniac addressed the fact that nobody likes Peter's new face? I feel like they're not the kind of company that would just say "get over it" and ignore the majority of fans. It would go a long way if they actually listen to the feedback and change it back.

  20. So i can use my Ps4 version on ps5 use old peter? Why but remastered if you can keep using ps4 version

  21. Otto : no one can take that away from us. Insomniac: yeah about that

  22. Disliked it…. Because it promotes plastic surgery

  23. The new one have less expression than the old one

  24. This two different peters no joke there two different people

  25. I was going to buy spiderman remastered for ps5 but I changed my mind very fast.

  26. anyone else think the PS4 version looks better?

  27. I think it can be fixed and fans will finally be calm if Spiderman: Miles Morales will also have Remastered version but with John Bubniak as Peter Parker's face

  28. People hating new peter model for lack of facial expression must be hating cyberpunk then
    Hypocrite andys.

  29. so are they the same game but on different consoles? because i really want the game on a ps5 for better performance.

  30. Old Peter Parker looks better 🔥🔥🔥than the remastered version 👎👎😪😪😪

  31. Wow,Pete's new face is just a downgrade

    No offense to the guy,it's just that his face is way too unfitting for Pete

  32. Original- Andrew Garfield
    Remastered- Tom Holland

  33. ps4 spiderman looks like he has a drug problem lmao. Maybe you all relate to ps4 version because you guys look like Hogolins irl

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