Marvel's Spider-Man E3 Recap & Gameplay -

Marvel’s Spider-Man E3 Recap & Gameplay

Insomniac Games
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We recapped Marvel’s Spider-Man at E3 and played the show floor demo with Creative Director Bryan Intihar, Game Director Ryan Smith, and Lead Writer Jon Paquette!


  1. Every time I play a game with crafting mechanics I will gather every single material and craft everything possible just to be prepared.

  2. You fucking liar, the game dosent look like this at all. SHADY DOWNGRADE YOU BUNCH OF LIAR

  3. mid combat when he swings it looks like the web might not be attaching to anything at 18:12

  4. Will peter and falica hardy and peter start to date

  5. To people concerned about the graphics downgrade, pay close attention to his suit in the opening Raft scene. See how much the suit’s detail changes as he goes from light to dark environments, wet to dry, in and out of motion and shadows, etc. I still have my skepticisms as well but I think we can take their word for it. The demo footage they released was so far the only time we’ve seen the game in that early morning lighting and the only major difference was the red areas looked shinier.

  6. I wonder how they feel now, 6 days before release.

  7. How many times have I watched this livestream? You got to know at least 15 views r mine guys hahahaha. 5 to go…

  8. Will you guys add a theatre mode so we can make our own cinematic stories

  9. They said the statue would be revealed in summer??

  10. Bananas! 6 days to go. Can't wait. Great job Insomniac.

  11. The game looks great to me to be honest, even though alot of people kept complaining about the puddle's 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  12. If there’s no charge jump and dual swing at least add a sprint button

  13. My stream is starting soon as well kjmarvel88 add please and sub thank you 👌🏿

  14. Ayo don’t get me wrong, Spider man cool and all…but I feel that Sunset Overdrive deserves a sequel 😔😔.

  15. Love how they took care of thugs falling of buildings and even mentioned Devil May Cry as a combat influence, which i immediately compared it to after seeing the gameplay. Amazing team.

  16. sad already leaked all history of the game without having played I lost all experience and I was sad too pq n have a suit that I would. tbm the ultimate scarlat the top and the classic iron and spider man drawing without boundaries

  17. you said that there would be many costumes 25/27 costumes are too much for min. then there's a lot of saying for some it can be little and this little can be many for others. in my case many. and above 45

  18. Funny I'm watching this 3 days before release

  19. Insominiac, please: spiderman too for xbox one 😫😫😫!!!

  20. Damn you Insomniac Games for making the most stressful and infuriating challenges. Why did you makes this??? I really want an answer!!! I’m so god damned mad at you people for making such horrible challenges in this game. I love everything else and the pacing is perfect, but those damned challenges make everything so damn stupid.

  21. Is Spider-Man ever gonna come out on the NINTENDO SWITCH?

  22. You guys nailed the web swinging and combat,
    Please don't put any Mary Jane or Peter in a homeless shelter sections in the sequels, it kills the flow.
    Also isn't Mary Jane supposed to be a super model…. Why she look like a frumpy manager from human resources.
    It's not that I don't care about the Peter Parker side, it's just I've already read a million comics where mj and petter arnt together the reason I payed money was to web swing and unlock suits

  23. ummm anyone playing spiderman while watching this? I know i am

  24. hellow can you upload it on xbox live/xbox 360

  25. Sony and Insomniac would make so much more money if the put the damn game on ps4 and xbox.
    2% of xbox players are going to buy a ps4 while others who cannot afford or buy a whole new console just for ONE FUCKING GAME!! Sony and insomniac messed up good

  26. Can you make the future foundation suit for spider man ps4 the white one

  27. The best Spiderman story ever told. And one of the saddest Spiderman endings ever. 😭 please make this game a trilogy or a saga. Hoping for Spiderman 2…… If you hate this then you're a Tom Holland fan.

  28. When will you make a co-op spider man ps4 about spider verse

  29. Hey, can you guys team up with santa Monica studios and make a cross over game between God of war 4 and spiderman? Just saying


  31. @Insomniac Games hey can you make a thing like Fallen Order did where you can spawn in bosses and other agros from the game and you can fight them? Like seriously the swinging around the city thing gets boring. Also make Peter Parker just as playable as Spider-Man. He should have a hub where you can change suits and go back to missions. Maybe not the suit thing. I really wish there were more buildings you could go into. And I also wish that every suit could take visible damage and maybe you could repair it at Peter’s apartment or Otto’s lab. The damage needs to be more than just little scratches I want like maybe busted eye lenses. If you could do this with an update to the Spider-Man game or the sequel in my mind it’d be perfect.

  32. Insomniac please let the old peter face in the remastered version he looks so much better


  34. Can you work the Marvel Spider-Man game on Android

  35. I had an idea for a new dlc so harry gets back from treatment and Peter has no idea that vulture has escaped from prison and Is going after Norman Osborn and attacks harry to get to Norman and he has a new red and black vulture armor that Gives him ability to breath at high altitude and halts his spinal cancer and is forcing Norman to cure him or harry dies Peter sees this and suits up and you have to chase vulture while saving. People from calatoraL damage And then it goes vulture throwing a virus bomb that. Only. Let’s you use your trip mine impact web and web shooters to ground vulture while fighting him in the the air which leads to a vulture boss battle in the air and electro super charges himself and turns. Himself into energy electro which. He controls in a green insulated suit with. Pipes with the. Full on classic electro face made of pure electricity and. You go into a electro boss and you have to save everyone From electro which turns in electro boss in Times Square and final is Spider-Man vs the lizard the name is city at war

  36. Insomniac please the amazing spider man 2

  37. Please the amazing spider man 2 suit

  38. The amazing spider man 2 suit please

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