Marvel's Spider-Man E3 Recap & Gameplay -

Marvel’s Spider-Man E3 Recap & Gameplay

Insomniac Games
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We recapped Marvel’s Spider-Man at E3 and played the show floor demo with Creative Director Bryan Intihar, Game Director Ryan Smith, and Lead Writer Jon Paquette!


  1. i cant even pretend that im not hearing ben ten's voice

  2. I've watched this video like 700 times omg september 7th can't come soon enough!!!

  3. Thanks insomniac the game looks amazing and beautiful I can't wait to play it thank you so much fantastic work

  4. im so hyped. even so i think a second game should have a symbiote suit thing switch like in web oh shadows 🙂

  5. All the comments I've seen stating their is no momentum with swinging, watch this gameplay! lmao.

  6. That demo "spiel" was complete and utter bullshit. The reason they dont put out demos is because they dont want people to know if their game sucks. As simple as that.

  7. I just want to know the REASON for the lack of symbiotes. Is it a story choice? (In which case I'm absolutely fine with that) OR… Is it Sony and/or Marvel being difficult with licences?

  8. There better be Daredevil easter eggs in Hell’s Kitchen.

  9. that guy with the red shirt doesn't shut the fuck up omg I know it's his work to comment everything but he barely lets the others talk

  10. Im calling it now. the last scene of the game will either be peter being touched by the symbiote, or Miles gets his powers.. gunna be one of them :p imo ofcourse

  11. Pleasee try and make a performance mode for locked 45 to 50 fps at 1080 in later patch.. got 4k tv and PRO and ONE X and always prefer higher frame rates especial a fast pass game like Spiddy Man!!
    God of war has been only game I've played 4k the whole way through. tried witcher 3 on the X but 60 fps was soooooooooo much nicer, it's not true 4k might be why. Hmmm pro not doing any better hitting 4k ether
    FPS pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  12. Could y’all please bring back the web rush feature? That stuff was legit awesome 😭

  13. I can’t believe I missed the whole some citizens will take out guns and try to kill part of the game.

  14. Plzz do another live stream on the new domo

  15. I wish that when u swing too low u can touch the ground and like an animation will occur like running while attached to the web trying to jump up, and, i think its very important to every spidey fan that there would be some swinging variations : double web swing, catapulte web, or .. maybe hehe… making a spider net :p i wish .. who knows, im pretty sure that insomniac can amaze us with some spectaculars surprises :p, who agrees ?

  16. I am mad That Spider-Man ps4 is only on ps4

  17. You guys… seriously great job here! I can’t wait to get my hands on this. Story looks so good! Gameplay looks even better! Love it! Buying the deluxe version of this game. I’ve never done that before but that’s how good this looks!

  18. As a DC fan I can say that this game its just beautiful marvel finally made a good videogame

  19. How much money do i need to spend to play this game already lol

  20. Plzz insomniac improve webswinging animation webs attach late to buildings

  21. The best thing is that even while they're showcasing the demo, the director is still looking for bugs and taking notes on what to fix.

  22. Is it true that Ratchet & Clank fans won’t see the galactic duo for 5 to 10 years? I really miss them so bad. 😢😭💔

  23. I hope you guys put this game on play store for free with the same graphics and features plz

  24. ive watched this everyday since the day it was uploaded. hype is real guys

  25. I pre ordered this through amazon, will I not get the skins?

  26. I really dig the attention to detail about webbing up enemies instead of killing them. I'm not going to lie, I earned every name I was called back in Tobey-Man 2.

    But come on, those guys are dead. They may not be a pizza but yeah. They have shat themselves, convulsing, and will probably need an iron lung or like intensive dialysis for the rest of their lives.

    I'm a Batman fan, so I would take this kind of stuff seriously with Batman, but the things you guys have done to keep people flying off builldings is damn impressive. That's great work, guys. It's kinda hard to suspend that disbelief with Arkham.

  27. I just excited let me buy now and play the game 🐱😋😎

  28. I wonder if the breaking through the window of the shop and parkouring through it is a special traversal area like in Assassins Creed 3 with the doors and windows.

  29. I keep coming back and checking this out. Since you guys straight out say 'No Symbiotes' in this, it'd be really cool if there isn't a single Black Suit in the game aside from the Noir Suit. I don't know if there are sequel plans in the works, but I think you guys could probably pull it off in a really unique way without making the symbiote suit gimmicky in gameplay.

    (Psst. You could even have symbiote versions of all of Spidey's existing suits, instead of a "Symbiote Black Suit".)

    I can see that story line kinda being overrated, though. Just not sure if it's been done well yet. It's like Dark Knight Returns. Everyone's tired of it and it hasn't really been done right (except in Civil War).

  30. That shocker battle but did need reworked though lol

  31. Fizzie from sunset overdrive should be made into a superhero. I've got a cool concept idea for him

  32. 51:17 pree canned civilian scared animations happening in tandom, looks really cheap..

  33. Any chance on getting a Spider-Ham suit??? Would be so rad!

  34. Hi I'm a Gdog cousin and I'm a Spiderman fan too and I'm happy a new Spiderman game is coming out in semptember that's were my birthday is September 18

  35. damn its Sad to see there aint Live Reflection on the Windows and mirrors

  36. Sorry, my headcanon is they fall to their deaths. Come on Insomniac, I know it's not in the character, but at least Spider-Man 2 let us grab a guy and carry him to the top of the Empire State Building and then falcon drop them to the ground.

  37. What happens if you jump off a building and dive bomb towards the ground without web swinging? Do you lose hp or die?

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