Marvel's Spider-Man - First Reveal Pre-Order Video | PS4 -

Marvel’s Spider-Man – First Reveal Pre-Order Video | PS4

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Marvel’s Spider-Man will be available September 7, 2018 – only on PlayStation. Pre-order Bonuses: Instant in-game access to Spidey Suit Pack, early unlock of the Spider-Drone Gadget, 5 extra skill points, Spider-Man PSN Avatar & Spider-Man PS4 Theme.

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© 2018 Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC. Developed by Insomniac Games, Inc. “PlayStation”, the “PS” Family, and PS4 are trademarks of Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. “Greatness Awaits is a trademark of Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC.”


  1. why did they add flash when u hit someone ? i think the game is PERFECT but the flash thing is not really noice 🙁

  2. Xbox User: will this be out for Xbox?
    Insomniac: ….NEVER…..😂😂😂😂


  3. Hasta cuándo es la pre-orden?
    Osea un día antes si lo compro ya es pre orden?

  4. my money flies awayyyyyyayyyy

  5. let's see what insomniac came out recently, sunset overdrive, rachet & clank remastered. Could this game be bad?

  6. SON AUNT Grandmother AUNTIE Grandmother+ FATHER GRANDFATHER+6 Grandmother

  7. 0:06 Spider-Man 1,2, and 3 theme!! Maybe we might get the Rami suit!

  8. I can't pre order the game…idk why it's not showing in the playstation store
    Btw my psn acc is region Singapore

  9. Already pre-ordered. God of war coming soon then Detroit. And red dead redemption pre orders will soon be open. Good year to be a gamer

  10. Hope this is the Arkham of Spider Man! Can't wait

  11. will be busy playing Dragon Quest 11, but i might buy spiderman later

  12. Can they make a demo of this game beacause i always dying looking at this trailer

  13. This comes out a day before my birthday

  14. will get those dlc's from dlc unlocker.. haha

  15. This game is so overhyped I hope it lives up to everyone's expectations.

  16. This'll be a good time to have a spiderman web of shadows, and spiderman 2 remasters, just to hold me over til september.

  17. When will you be able to pre order it on PlayStation store I had a look it is not there


  19. I’ve been with Xbox for years. Ever since Xbox 360. This past Christmas i decided to switch and get a PS4 just for this game. This just shows how much i love Spider-Man and not only that, but the fact that Insomniac is making this game with a lot of heart and time into making sure this game is gonna be the best Spider-Man game ever.

  20. They said early 2018 September is not early 2018

  21. Im a PC gamer and imma be honest and say I would buy a PS4 just for this game…..who knows insomniac or Sony might be nice and put it on PC

  22. I bought the deluxe edition and I equipped the avatar but I don’t know how to equip the theme

  23. Already pre-ordered, can’t wait to play this game

  24. The Collectors edition statue is mostly obscured, covered by a box labeled "RAFT" which in the comics is a maximum security prison in the middle of the ocean, as seen in Cap. Civil War. Is it just a coincidence that Harry is "overseas" due to business concerning Oscorp or is he locked up for crimes his alter ego committed?

    Can't wait for this game.

  25. I want Hungarian subtitles! I need Subtiles!

  26. i really want that spider drone !! i hope its unlockable

  27. Is it worth pre ordering the digital deluxe edition

  28. The only thing I am worry about is this game will turn out to be similar to infamous which I didn't like

  29. I am very excited about this wonderful game

  30. Who's been a spiderman fan since it came out like if u agree 😊😊😊

  31. Who better than a trusted developer such as Insomniac to make a great game.

  32. God of war
    Red dead 2
    Days gone
    Last of us 2
    Smash bros
    Kingdom hearts 3

    Too much fire coming. Need to finish too many games still

    Arkam knight
    AC syndicate
    MGSV ❤❤❤❤❤
    Mafia 3

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