Marvel’s Spider-Man – Gameplay Launch Trailer | PS4 -

Marvel’s Spider-Man – Gameplay Launch Trailer | PS4

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Marvel’s Spider-Man coming exclusively to PS4.

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Available September 7, 2018

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  1. 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕 I am xbox one playar really i hate you insomniac so much

  2. One main problem with the traversal system. There’s no swing boost. Like we’ve seen in ”Web Of Shadows" and “Spider-Man 2”. The absence of this mechanic can seriously slow you you down at the worst possible time. I hope in the sequel they add it in. They can innovate the idea though, maybe it can be like a web-zip while swinging. One hand holding on a Web-line, and then using the other hand to shoot another web-line ahead at a building or something and to pull/boost himself in that direction. That would be AMAZING.

  3. i love this game but i could do away with that ugly suit on the cover

  4. Anyone watching this after they have completed the game 💵💵💵💵

  5. Miles: What if there aren't any around?
    Peter: Then do it yourself.

  6. Can you please put cuphead I really want the game on the PlayStation if you don't PlayStation I will not have the PlayStation for the whole week and I will use one like for not liking

  7. Who else wants the second spiderman game to have venom as the main playable character?

  8. Happy Birthday, Spider-Man PS4! Thank you Insomniac Games for one the best Spider-Man games ever played.

  9. Me: Saved up money for a PS4 in 2019 with a few bucks left for my food
    Insomniac: Fork the wallet over.

  10. Anyone watching after Miles Morales was released? (im so hyped)

  11. Who is here after spider man miles morales trailer

  12. I cant believe today marks two years that spiderman was released.

  13. Anyone here after they changed Peters Face? Man I'm gonna miss John….

  14. Who’s here waiting for Spider-Man Miles Morales PS5?

  15. Who else came cause of Spider-Man miles morales

  16. Who's watching this after the launch trailer for Spider-Man Miles Morales?

  17. Who’s seeing this because miles morales gameplay trailer just launched 😂

  18. This was randomly in my home page on the day when miles morales released

  19. Ready for the twist? Gameplay trailer… but without actual gameplay. Ta-daa!

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