Marvel's Spider-Man Gameplay Reveal E3 2018! PS4 Pro 4K -

Marvel’s Spider-Man Gameplay Reveal E3 2018! PS4 Pro 4K

Chris Smoove
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  1. Spider-Man is Owned by Sony, so PlayStation has dibs

  2. Honestly, the playthroughs are so much better than 2K…especially since 2K is so trash now.

  3. For all those kids who made fun of the MvCI and Guardianes graphics of the telltale galaxy, comparing them with their little dc games. Thanks for the karma

  4. Spidey is a Sony property. End of story. They "lend" him to the MCU but that's it.

  5. You super power should be to let it fly

  6. please smoove spider man ps4 would be such great gameplay!!!

  7. It’s cause Sony still owns part of Spider-Man

  8. i'm assuming it's exclusive to Sony as the Spiderman movie franchise is sold to contract with Sony as well?

  9. Naruto can teach you the shadow clone jutsu!! Lol

  10. im a 90s kid and played on PS1
    we have come a long way since

  11. Smoove also don't forget about the new tomb raider game also coming out in September 🙂

  12. chris smoove are you going to be doing 100% gameplay

  13. The graphics are hot as hell 💥💥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  14. can someone explain to me how a web zip works? how is he pulling himself if the web isnt attached to anything? just curious

  15. Wow he highlighted my comment thanks Smoove

  16. Of course ima check them both out big bro

  17. Remember Spiderman 2 when Stacey died

  18. Badass game should definitely do more videos on spider man

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