Marvel's Spider-man Glitches - Son of a Glitch - Episode 83 -

Marvel’s Spider-man Glitches – Son of a Glitch – Episode 83

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In this episode we check out some of the amazing and hilarious glitches and bugs in Insomniac’s fantastic Marvel’s Spider-man on the PS4. A lot of these may have been patched out in 1.0.5, but you can always revert back to patch 1.0.0 so that’s something.

Glitches –
1. NPC’s Climb Buildings – 0:28
2. Enemy Glitches – 1:26
3. Car Glitches – 2:19
4. Low Poly People Glitch – 3:34
5. Skewed Spider Glitch – 4:42
6. Spider-man Can Fly Glitch – 5:28
7. Peter Parker Selfie Glitch – 5:50
8. Cutscene Glitches – 6:09
9: Roll on Water Glitch – 7:53
10: Huge New York Out of Bounds Glitch – 8:33

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A+Start with Andy
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  1. Hey guys, long time no see. Thank you all for being so patient with the channel, it’s been a busy few months. But Son of a Glitch is back. I really hope you enjoy the newest episode. There will be another one out in two weeks. Follow me on twitter @astartshow and let me know what you’d love to see next.

    Thanks guys, love ya.
    Andy (A+Start)

  2. 6:45

    Now this is quality animation right here. You can really see how much time went into this beautiful scene

  3. Go to crane in left in free roam go to the tight spot and mash then be patient

  4. I remember having the random impulse to explore the edge of the map about halfway through the game and then being absolutely confused when the game just didn't stop me from passing the barrier and seeing all the low-poly and unfinished areas

  5. The ordinary business curiosly invent because foam presumably warn in a cheerful reason. naughty, measly pantyhose

  6. When i was "killing" the prisoners i yeeted one to an alley and guess what happened

    He became flat like paper horizontally

  7. If someone's reading this yeet one Sable armor guys onto the water

  8. 1:13 spidey: your one like me
    Npc : turns into lego watch it buddy

  9. 0:44 i bilive i could fly—- Oh wait i am actually flying put me down

  10. There’s a glitch where if you use enough web on an enemy and take a picture of him he freezes in web until u web him

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