Marvel’s Spider-Man – Just the Facts: COMBAT | PS4 -

Marvel’s Spider-Man – Just the Facts: COMBAT | PS4

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Spider-Man tunes into Just the Facts. Listen to J. Jonah Jameson discuss Spider-Man’s various suits and new gadgets.

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Available September 7, 2018

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  1. I'm still surprised Jameson only commentates about just Spider-Man, what about the Avengers

  2. “Friendly Neighborhood Anonymous Citizen” PETER COME ON AT LEAST TRY TO BE SUBTLE

  3. I can't believe that this maniac inspired us to make our youtube channel haha

  4. I have an XBOX ONE and I just bought a PS4 mainly for this game and I have to admit for the most part PlayStation have better exclusives than XBOX by a long shot. Both XBOX ONE and PS4 players need to stop saying that their console is the best because they both are great and have their downsides. And both are worth getting, but at the end of the day PC is still king you guys.

  5. Whats the soundtrack song in the backround

  6. Wait… JJJ knows Peter Parker right? Why didn't his notice his voice?

  7. 0:50 Jameson: And it’s all because spider man thinks he’s some kind of spider cop.
    Me: well he is dressed in blue and red

  8. "He thinks he's some kind of Spider-COP !" If only you knew Jonah 😛

  9. The combat is too simple feels like a Batman game but suckier but everything else is awesome

  10. Playing for a hour and suddenly remember the matrix realoaded or the matrix 2 from Ps2 , its exactly the same , that dodge to wall and attack , etc

  11. One of the Best thingsare the details of bricks on walls of the buildings😍

  12. Does anybody know how to do that move where Spiderman double punches and then lands on top of the big enemy and then slams him down. I’ve been trying to do it and I can’t seem to do the move, idk If it’s a finisher or what but it looks so cool, so if anybody knows please respond

  13. نزلت اللعبه في العراق قبل الكل

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