Marvel’s Spider-Man – Just the Facts: COMBAT | PS4 -

Marvel’s Spider-Man – Just the Facts: COMBAT | PS4

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Spider-Man tunes into Just the Facts. Listen to J. Jonah Jameson discuss Spider-Man’s various suits and new gadgets.

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Available September 7, 2018

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  1. What a trash game.
    Insomniac please dont make videogames anymore.

  2. Console peasants are going to test this for us (The PC gamers) then it will release on PC when it's complete 😂 Thank you peasants.

  3. Goto say, while the game is shaping up to look great it looks like the team in charge of designing the vehicles for the game got lazy cause all the cars have the same rims….its a shame because everything else looks like its been detailed nicely.

  4. I'm a Nintendo fanboy and this game looks amazing. I must buy a PS4

  5. One: Console wars ended when Sony refused to cooperate with everyone else


  6. A game like spider-man would be amazing with ray-tracing ! Just imagine when spider-man is climbing a building and see it's reflection in the glass. It would be dope ! I hope they will introduce this technology on PS5, especially for this game.

  7. Another awesome looking PS Exclusive. Guess it’s time to switch consoles.

  8. Spider man ps4 it's going to be a awesome game I'm sure!!!

  9. my ps4 pro is waiting and me is so hype ☺️

  10. Games looks like it would be fun, but I must say looks like to much fighting your everyday thugs going on. Unless they are all superpowered somehow, he will be leaving most of them dying from internal injuries! I know he's not bullet proof, but what more then webbing would he need for bank robbers?

  11. Nossa to muito animado para lançar esse jogo e poder mostrar no meu canal

  12. They should have a Spider-Man 3 black suit. His ability should be him just stopping mid fight and saying ‘dig this’ whilst snapping his fingers, making all villains collapse. Smooth jazz can play in background at all times when wearing this suit

  13. The best In the world Playstation Sony is the best and spiderman should be best selling games

  14. 😍😘😍😍😍😍😇👍👍👍👍👍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  15. (1:041:17 and 1:271:45)
    Jameson makes fun of each suit and ability, when he's only making us more pumped up instead!

  16. Spider-Man, Red Dead Redemption 2, Cyberpunk 2077… rip my wallet

  17. Alex Jones J. Jonah Jameson? Well, that's an interesting direction to say the least, lol.

  18. 0_o Huh….the Ben Reily suit can make holographic duplicates….interesting.

  19. no downgrade in graphics? Can't you get into trouble for lying?? Draw distance is far worse, shadow quality dropped significantly to where it is almost nonexistent, depth of colors and lighting is much worse in the finished product. Quit lying to the people

  20. نزلت اللعبه في العراق قبل الكل

  21. Does anybody know how to do that move where Spiderman double punches and then lands on top of the big enemy and then slams him down. I’ve been trying to do it and I can’t seem to do the move, idk If it’s a finisher or what but it looks so cool, so if anybody knows please respond

  22. One of the Best thingsare the details of bricks on walls of the buildings😍

  23. Playing for a hour and suddenly remember the matrix realoaded or the matrix 2 from Ps2 , its exactly the same , that dodge to wall and attack , etc

  24. The combat is too simple feels like a Batman game but suckier but everything else is awesome

  25. "He thinks he's some kind of Spider-COP !" If only you knew Jonah 😛

  26. 0:50 Jameson: And it’s all because spider man thinks he’s some kind of spider cop.
    Me: well he is dressed in blue and red

  27. Wait… JJJ knows Peter Parker right? Why didn't his notice his voice?

  28. Whats the soundtrack song in the backround

  29. I have an XBOX ONE and I just bought a PS4 mainly for this game and I have to admit for the most part PlayStation have better exclusives than XBOX by a long shot. Both XBOX ONE and PS4 players need to stop saying that their console is the best because they both are great and have their downsides. And both are worth getting, but at the end of the day PC is still king you guys.

  30. I can't believe that this maniac inspired us to make our youtube channel haha

  31. “Friendly Neighborhood Anonymous Citizen” PETER COME ON AT LEAST TRY TO BE SUBTLE

  32. I'm still surprised Jameson only commentates about just Spider-Man, what about the Avengers

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