Marvel's Spider-Man Part 11 - Garage - Gameplay Walkthrough PS4 2018 -

Marvel’s Spider-Man Part 11 – Garage – Gameplay Walkthrough PS4 2018

Chris Smoove
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  1. You make the videos so short and then you take so long to upload

  2. Chris why u lackin on the uploads cmon cuhhhh

  3. It’s time to make it splash on those spiderman videos smoove!!! Make that green release!!!

  4. I love you smoove, please churn em out faster

  5. So MJ wasnt gettin smashed she was just investigating

  6. use the new suit smoove! makes the experience feel new cuh!

  7. Done the game…speechless..what a game that was. I'm not even a gamer but I was so hooked on the gameplay and story.

  8. Come On Chris Smoove Upload Part 12 And 13 Because Im Very ImPatience

  9. When are you going to change your costume?

  10. If you gonna take a long time to upload these smoove moves at least make them longer cuh


  12. What do you expect me to do now? Waiting on that upload!!!!

  13. Does Smoove not know that you can walk faster with MJ

  14. I wish chris Smoove could swing better. Would make the videos more satisfying

  15. 2k ain't going no where but spiderman got places to go HURRY UP LOL

  16. Bruh smoove three 2k vids that’s cool but we need Spider-Man

  17. You played enough 2k in your life man
    Can you please upload more Spider-Man?
    Love all your videos man💯💯

  18. What’s the name of the instrumental in the beginning??

  19. who else whould wanna see tombstone and Fisk go at it that will be crazy.

  20. Slacking bruh wtf i had to go to theradbrad

  21. “EvErYoNe HaS ThErE WeAkNeSs” except mr thanos!!

  22. Glorify GOD with each and everything you do!

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