Marvel's Spider-Man Part 16 - Li - Gameplay Walkthrough PS4 2018 -

Marvel’s Spider-Man Part 16 – Li – Gameplay Walkthrough PS4 2018

Chris Smoove
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  1. Why did he yell when all the guards where there

  2. where the spider-man drops mannnn

  3. Finally they finna kill mj I just started

  4. Hit us wit the 2 a days Spider-Man vids smoove🤘🏽

  5. How come it's called raft instead of Ravencroft??

  6. Who peeps tht "it totally worked last time"(spider man 2)

  7. Damn MJ, why do girls gotta make everything more complicated

  8. Can we all agree my mans slackin on the gameplay??? Getting smacked too many times

  9. When Spider-Man said “That totally worked last time.” He was referring to Spider-Man 2 when he stop the train fighting against doc oc.

  10. @5:48 😂😂😂 probably the funniest “Give that guy” I’ve heard in a while.

  11. He could’ve been killed Spider-Man if he wanted to

  12. Miles is the next spider there making his story tie in with Peter Parker

  13. “I can keep dodging!”

    *Gets hit consecutive times.

  14. i don't think smoove knows who miles morales is

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