Marvel's Spider-Man Part 18 - Quarantine - Gameplay Walkthrough PS4 2018 -

Marvel’s Spider-Man Part 18 – Quarantine – Gameplay Walkthrough PS4 2018

Chris Smoove
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  1. I kinda want him to wear some of the other suits

  2. “No more black people dying we gotta save em” -Smoove 2018

  3. "No more black people dying we gotta save them" lmao facts

  4. As much as i love 2k Spider-Man gotta come first

  5. Where are the Avengers, X-men, Fantastic 4, Defenders?

  6. Smoove you need to let these videos fly cmon cuhhh

  7. Chris smoove😂😂😂 “we got to save you no more black people dying”

  8. Why he ain't wearing the advanced suit?!!

  9. Now tell me they didn't follow prototype 1

  10. Where the NY heroes at?? Daredevil? Luke cage? Fantastic 4? Iron man? Lol

  11. Straight manhandled SUGE KNIGHT IM CRYYYYIN

  12. I thought my boy Luke Cage was protecting Harlem aka Jessica Jones baby daddy

    Maybe even Misty but not Claire

  13. With the jet pack dudes, all you had to do was press triangle

  14. "Bus driver uppercut" hahaha I take it you saw that infamous video as well

  15. Why I didn't have main mission after peter broken bone?

  16. One year later the title is whats going on now….Smoove foretold the future…

  17. “No more blk ppl dying, we gotta save them.” -Smoove

  18. so because manhattan is in trouble its the end of the world?

  19. Anyone ever stop and think,where was the avengers when you needed them

  20. Spider MAN ps4 realesed devils breath Thats Cause OF COVID 19 pandemic ON 2020 doctor octopus is realesed COVID 19 pandemic WE need spiderman to find sinister 6

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