Marvel's Spider-Man Part 20 - Scorpion - Gameplay Walkthrough PS4 2018 -

Marvel’s Spider-Man Part 20 – Scorpion – Gameplay Walkthrough PS4 2018

Chris Smoove
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  1. quick throwback to that ps1 Spiderman game with that 'floor is poison' stuff. If only it was orange.

  2. I love how you end your videos it makes me anxious 😂😂

  3. I already beat the game but smoove plays it I watch it

  4. Side note – I hope Tomb Raider is next!

  5. I’ma keep it real Smoove I watch all your vids but you trash at web swinging

  6. Miles Morales with the 99 speed, 99 hacking, 99 sneak and the one hit wonder skill.

  7. Since when did spider man become a pharmacist?

  8. I have come to terms with the fact smoke will only upload one Spider-Man video a day

  9. Smoove use L2+R2 it'll make your swinging much better and faster.

  10. Give Chris Smoove a MANUEL , what're you doing! Upload 21 and 22 tmr to make up the day you missed.

  11. Miles risking all that. His whole life. For what? Lol

  12. 5:56 pretty sure Smoove fell off that’s why he had to edit it out lol. Give that guy a maaaaap

  13. What about changing your costume

  14. Where have to hide from Rhino is scary😂😂😂

  15. Dang I jumped when miles finally got the antibiotics lol 😂

  16. I love chris smoove but his the worst player in Spiderman
    history hahaha

  17. Scorpion hit Spider-Man with some serious LSD.

  18. Scorpion gave Spidey some L 🎵 🎵 🎵

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