Marvel's Spider-Man (PS4) Combat Abilities Trailer -

Marvel’s Spider-Man (PS4) Combat Abilities Trailer

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A new look at Spider-Man’s wide-range of combat abilities, from obnoxious sonic attacks to holographic decoys to old-fashioned web-shooting.

Marvel’s Spider-Man – The Unofficial IGN Preview:

Marvel’s Spider-Man – PS4 Gameplay Launch Trailer:

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  1. I never had such a desire to play a game !!!
    COME ON september, taking a year to pass 8 days …

  2. I got the collector's edition because my birthday is the same day as the release… My body is ready

  3. If your ready for Spiderman give me a hell yeah!!!!

  4. I cant wait for the Ben Reilly suit and the iron spider infinity war

  5. Would really like to play this game, looks like it could be fun

  6. I'm a simple man, if I see a reference to Ben Reilly I click like.


  7. Nice, we got Ben Reilly Scarlet Spider. Hopefully the Kaine Parker variation is there too.

  8. Now we wait for a hulk game 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙏

  9. My spider sense tingles every time I watch one of these trailers

  10. Damn. Im so fcking excited for 7th sept 😆😝

  11. "You know what the police don't do? Escalate." lmao..sure

  12. Old school Scarlet Spider suit? Take all of my money!!

  13. I need to find someone to lend me their ps4 for a month

  14. I wish Spider-Man was more of a roast master. His dialogue isn't very witty.

  15. This is something we all desperately needed after the lackluster Amazing Spider Man games.

  16. How's the jumping? Does anyone know? On the spiderman2 ps2 version you could charge the jump. Is it like that in this one?

  17. Is it just me or is the hologram decoy ability a reference to clones

  18. "cops don't escalate things"
    dumbest thing i've ever heard JJ say ever

  19. This game is too sick!! Will wait to buy it patiently (pre-ordered at local store already) but gonna play it like I need it, which let’s face it, as a huge fan of Spider-Man, I absolutely do.

  20. Question: Does anyone know who is voicing JJ? Because he sounds an awful lot like Lewis Black?

  21. Of course the og scarlet spider suit ability is holographic duplicates 🤣

  22. Impressive Spider-Punk (Hobart Brown from Earth 138) Amazing Spiderman vol 3 # 10.

  23. Yaaaas the classic Scarlet Spider Blue Sweater Suit is a freaking CLASSIC!!!! Timeless!!!! I love that suit!!!!

  24. BEN REILLY!!!!! Haven't seen you since Shattered Dimensions! The first alternate costume of Spidey I was ever introduced to. This game is all my childhood Spiderman stuff rolled up into one

  25. PS4 pro plus 4K best thing I ever did months ago lol prepped for this game man

  26. Spider-Man is really a great game, greater once you finish everything and get the platinum. Can't wait for the upcoming DLC's though black cat see you soon.

  27. I dont know why Im binging all spiderman ps4 trailers after finishing the game…lol

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