Marvel's Spider-Man (PS4) Combat Abilities Trailer -

Marvel’s Spider-Man (PS4) Combat Abilities Trailer

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A new look at Spider-Man’s wide-range of combat abilities, from obnoxious sonic attacks to holographic decoys to old-fashioned web-shooting.

Marvel’s Spider-Man – The Unofficial IGN Preview:

Marvel’s Spider-Man – PS4 Gameplay Launch Trailer:

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  1. I dont know why Im binging all spiderman ps4 trailers after finishing the game…lol

  2. Spider-Man is really a great game, greater once you finish everything and get the platinum. Can't wait for the upcoming DLC's though black cat see you soon.

  3. PS4 pro plus 4K best thing I ever did months ago lol prepped for this game man

  4. BEN REILLY!!!!! Haven't seen you since Shattered Dimensions! The first alternate costume of Spidey I was ever introduced to. This game is all my childhood Spiderman stuff rolled up into one

  5. Yaaaas the classic Scarlet Spider Blue Sweater Suit is a freaking CLASSIC!!!! Timeless!!!! I love that suit!!!!

  6. Impressive Spider-Punk (Hobart Brown from Earth 138) Amazing Spiderman vol 3 # 10.

  7. Of course the og scarlet spider suit ability is holographic duplicates 🤣

  8. Question: Does anyone know who is voicing JJ? Because he sounds an awful lot like Lewis Black?

  9. This game is too sick!! Will wait to buy it patiently (pre-ordered at local store already) but gonna play it like I need it, which let’s face it, as a huge fan of Spider-Man, I absolutely do.

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