Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 Hands On: The Best Spider-Man Game Ever? | PlayStation 4 | PS4 Pro Gameplay -

Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 Hands On: The Best Spider-Man Game Ever? | PlayStation 4 | PS4 Pro Gameplay

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We’ve played Marvel’s Spider-Man, and we can confirm it’s looking like the best Spider-Man game ever. Watch on for brand new PS4 Pro gameplay footage, as well as our first impressions based on the opening two hours from Insomniac Games’ upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive.

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  1. How do you do the aerial tricks while swinging?

  2. Great video as always. I looked through the comments but didn't see that anyone else had asked this question but does the game have a photo mode?

  3. Wow this is Day 1 buy just by seeing you can do tricks in the air like Spider-Man 2 . I loved that mechanic omg!

  4. Are you able to spam circle when you're web swinging so you can constantly push off of other objects?

  5. That toxic Birmingham accent is distracting me. Good video, however.

  6. Is there a faction choice of being good or being bad and Marvel Spider-Man and also does the people hate you from swinging around

  7. Can’t wait for this game. It’s looks fucking insane.

  8. Is the combat system more deeper than the Arkham games?

  9. Cant wait for this it looks amazing and the boss fights are going to be awesome. I want to get it at Christmas as i want red dead 2

  10. Wow what was spiderman doing in the start 0:15. He must have broken all his bones by twisting like that.

  11. Those air tricks give me nostalgia! Used to do them in Spider-Man 2! XD
    I'm so glad they put them in the game!

  12. I already bought digital deluxe edition I'm realy excited

  13. Pre-ordered the custom console. Question, what rock song was Peter listening to in the opening scene? Also, you heard anything about New Game Plus?

  14. This and God of War are absolute system sellers. This is the game i'm most looking forward to playing on launch on my new PS4 Pro, and I'll play GoW after. Just phenomenal looking!

    It looks to be exactly what I want from a Spiderman game, although some of the minigames seem a little less what i wanted or expected, the variety could be welcome. The most important parts of being Spiderman — the sense of speed, strength and mobility seem to have been polished to perfection. Adding an Arkham style combat system seems fitting too, and i hope the depth of the combo system really makes for a skill-player's dream. Insomniac even went so far as to hear the community out about including the Charge Jump from Spiderman 2, and i can see a lot of that cadence in the combat here as well. Makes me want to replay Spiderman 2 before this comes out, actually.

    Sony is absolutely killing it this year!

  15. Mate your channel is gaining momentum and respect. You're very objective and subjective when only appropriate and I really enjoy your videos. Thanks for the great insight, we written narrative and journalistic unbiased content. Great channel

  16. Definitely I'll wait for a sale. The game looks good but I'm not really impressed especially with RDR2 coming up the following month, and also Shadow of the tomb raider will be released in September which means there are a lot better games to spend my money on.

  17. Can anyone tell me who the voice is for Kingpin? He sounds familiar, but I can't remember the guy's name.

  18. Red dead redemption will make you guys forget about this game


  20. What If spiderman do parkour? It would be more realistic and more Fun..

  21. Frothing at the mouth.
    This similar to Sunset Boulevard by Insomniac.

  22. Did they fix the dive-bombing? Is the momentum better?

  23. I’m so glad I got ps4 I can’t believe I almost got xbox

  24. im saying this from the start. if this has the same gameplay we seen over and over even tho you said "hands on" you get a dislike

  25. I am so relieved that we’re going to be doing stuff as Peter Parker that doesn’t really have anything to do with Spider-Man, it’s the variety I’ve been wanting in a Spider-Man

  26. All I want is the spectacular spider man suit from the cartoon

  27. This isnt the best spiderman game ever

    This is The best game ever!!!:)

  28. feel have to wait about 10000000 years to get this game omg saw trailer in1995 jesus

  29. how long u guys thank spiderman story will be

  30. does the spiderman ps4 pro bundle come with a spiderman playstation theme???

  31. Spoiler:

    Are you sure you want the game spoiled?
    Read more

  32. That last additive superior technically was doc Ock mind in Peter Parker’s body.

  33. Game looks awesome I’m getting a day one

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