Marvel's Spider-Man (PS4) - Peter Parker/Spider-Man Suite (Full Theme) -

Marvel’s Spider-Man (PS4) – Peter Parker/Spider-Man Suite (Full Theme)

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Composed by John Paesano.
00:00-02:17 – Spider-Man
02:17-03:55 – City of Hope
03:55-05:25 – The Golden Age
05:25-05:43 – Eight Years of Making
05:43-06:39 – Destroy Your Own Creation
06:39-07:00 – The Final Lesson
06:56-08:00 – Spider-Man
07:48-09:30 – The Breakthrough
09:23-12:20 – Web Launch
12:14-14:34 – Behind The Mask


  1. I liked miles’ game but Pete’s was something else man

  2. Spiderman PS4 is the true successor to the Sam raimi films and is better than the other Spider-Man movies

  3. I really wish they didn't change the face when they made this for playstation 5

  4. This theme song sounds like mixture of Toby's theme song and Tom's theme song


  6. this theme makes u feel like spiderman swinging in nyc which is cool god damn it

  7. It take 5 hits to knock some one out in miles morales for peter it take 2

  8. Would be epic if suddenly the mcu was like "they loved this spidey and his music so lets do them dirty and not tell them he will make a appearance somewhere in the timeline.

  9. Imagine in a couple of years, the Spider-Man games goes into the Spider-Verse and we get to meet Scarlet Spider (Kaine Parker), Superior Spider-Man etc. etc. Or they get introduced through our Spidey's world. I bet Insomniac can pull it off. Can't wait for Spider-Man 2 with both Spidey's! This really is a great theme

  10. Thanks so much man, this hits so differently. The theme music in this game is unmatched. I owe such a great deal of my joy and happiness to Insomniac games. Beginning with Ratchet and Clank since the start. Now they are creating masterpieces like this. I have so much gratitude towards them that I cannot express. Thanks.

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  12. I Love SpiderMan 2018 Game 😭🤩

  13. When you wish the video game was the movie, you know you’ve done something right.

  14. imagine another peter parker shows up in now way home. no idea who that peter is. and this theme plays

  15. "With great power comes great responsibility"

  16. This game gave us the BEST SPIDER-MAN GAME! Great soundtrack, fantastic story, amazing performances, and giving us the best Peter Parker/Spider-Man!

  17. Este soundtrack es como de Avengers End Game

  18. Is it me or… should we get a live action show or movie of the game

  19. Whenever I hear I feel like I can give hope the avengers game theme sounds like it needs it 🤣🤣🤣

  20. I haven't play this game but holy fuck! this soundtrack is just a masterpiece!

  21. My favirote Spider-Man is miles morales but Peter is greater than miles

  22. This soundtrack game spider-man is amazing and in few years go well be real classic for us fan this hero

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