Marvel's Spider-Man (PS4) - Relationships Trailer -

Marvel’s Spider-Man (PS4) – Relationships Trailer

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Learn more about Spider-Man’s relationships with those he cares about, as well as those with costumed-psychos he has to take down. All delivered by a ranting J. Jonah Jameson.

Marvel’s Spider-Man (PS4) New York City Open-World Trailer

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  1. Spiderman done like the Arkham games, can't wait. Wish they'd do X Men and Turtles like this too.

  2. I just have a feeling in my gut that this game is going to be very repetitive. Go to the building and clear this wave of enemies, go do this boring side mission. I've even heard that you have like an assassins creed type of thing where you have to climb up a building and hack something to unlock the markers for that area. Who wants to do that? I dont kmow. It's just a gut feeling. But I could be wrong because sunset overdrive had some fantastic missions

  3. This Ben Riley guy really sounds like Sasuke from Naruto~ 🤔🤔

  4. It's interesting because this might be one of the few spiderman games that actually have focus on Peter Parker and other humans and not just Spiderman vs Villains. It's Insomniac, so expect a more grounded story and cool visuals (Second Son and Infamous both had very cool effects) but I wonder how "Spiderman" the game will feel.

  5. Heh, Worlds Collide. When Worlds Collide. Oh, hold on a second. Is Spiderman doing the "bring all the Spidermans of different timelines together" to stop the bad guys storyline that the cartoon and comics did?

  6. You all waiting for the game release while I am still waiting for an PS4 emulator in order to play Bloodborne and this game

  7. When you wanna play Spiderman but you use PC…

  8. Peter dies at the end of this game like in the Spider-Man gauntlet graphic novel and miles takes over as the Spider-Man, I’ve played the story, the side quests are much better than the story

  9. I only clicked on this because I thought that was Harry I'm the green goblin suit

  10. omg the white in his costume is disgusting. Like putting pink with navy blue

  11. I can’t wait I can’t freaking wait just to web swing around the city roleplaying like I use to with the old Spider-Man

  12. Love the Ben Reilly (I can't spell) reference

  13. Downgrade or not graphics still look amazing

  14. I'm gonna be streaming this game when it comes out so if you wanna see the gameplay walkthrough series come to my channel and subscribe and check out my other vids and if you go and watch comment on one of my vids and ill subscribe right back as long as you are subscribed to me already

  15. The real super hero is the Universal King – Jesus Christ !!.

  16. I saw this trailer and then skipped it to see this one

  17. I got a spider man add before watching the video

  18. Can anyone offer me this game. I have no money but the urge to play this game is more. I'm just a student in India. Anyone?

  19. Guys I already have 5 episodes up of spider man gameplay go check out ASAP!!!

  20. IT IS TIME. headed to my game stop as soon as it opens.

  21. IGN 1/10
    "there is a too much bald people for this game"

  22. I got a venom movie trailer while watching this?

  23. I skipped a Spider-Man trailer to watch a Spider-Man trailer

  24. You really had to say your clone’s name?

  25. Hope there will be a mission where Spiderman can face Jameson and web his mouth shut 🕸

  26. Ben Reilly. Goddamn comic references, that's the name of scarlet spider, the top right suit in the game

  27. 1:40 Really wish they didn't change that E3 mission/Martin Li reveal.

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