Marvel's Spider-Man (PS4) - Silver Lining DLC Review -

Marvel’s Spider-Man (PS4) – Silver Lining DLC Review

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Jonathon Dornbush reviews “Silver Lining” the third chapter of Spider-Man on PS4’s DLC series, The City That Never Sleeps.

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  1. An 8?? All the DLC’s in total will only last you like 5 hours. Ridiculous.

  2. Anyone else find the base missions a bit tedious? They’re like SO hard…

  3. So after you beat all three dlc and start and new game plus mode, does it play out as one whole game?

  4. I haven't played the other 2 episodes yet, I planned to wait on all to release before I play them anyway

  5. I can’t wait for the next game, hopefully miles will get his suit and start fighting some crime

  6. I found all of the DLCs to be very tiny. Feel like very very tiny mini-stories. Hopefully the next Spoderman has an epic story.

  7. I really find the presence of screwball out of place in this world. Feels way too much like Saints Row.

    Which considering we are having to suspend a ton of belief with the whole of New York realistically painted turn into a war zone.

  8. Uhhh resolution? What about Yuri and MJ are we just going to forget their unresolved plot lines? Yes sequels but this is DLC

  9. Was it just me or was the story for this chapter suprisingly and slightly annoyingly really short compared to the other two

  10. The DLCs have been so disappointing. The game has no depth

  11. Still too much Screwball. Cringiest villain ever—like your 50-something aunt constantly using slang to sound young. Her missions were only tolerable with the tv muted. I hope this is the only game that ever uses the character.

  12. "Silver Lining is best played with all 3 DLCs as a whole rather than separately."

    Well, I'm glad I stuck to my convictions and held off buying the season pass until all the associated DLC came out and was reviewed. It's WRONG to buy DLC when you don't know what you're buying, like a very overpriced loot-box.

  13. Should've done this in the Sam Raimi suit. 😂

  14. I haven't played it yet but I hope they work in a jealousy issue with MJ about Spidey working with Silver Sable. That'd be funny.

  15. The first DLC was way better. The story here was quite a let down for me.

  16. Jesus christ all you guys do is spoil anything you review…. you are the worst.

  17. The DLCs have been incredibly disappointing. Wasted $30 buying all 3 at the same time. They're ridiculously short, repetitive, and substitute the original game's ending for…Cyborg Hammerhead. And their implementation into the game is mind boggling. Why in the world would the DLC not layer on top of the original game and make you rehash the same token-introduction playthrough in the beginning of each??

  18. I did really enjoy the DLC story but I really feel like it could've just been one long DLC (or possibly two) if they put it all together and then took away the Screwball stuff.

  19. Agree this was great DLC. Loved the boss battle at the end.

  20. Spider-Man core game;
    Let's do Spider-Man in the EXACT fashion of Arkham and Mordor and Assassin's Creed, but never let Spidey get ahead with stealth. Let's make sure that a second deluge of enemies show up who, even though they were not in the room a second ago, be completely aware of his position at every turn! How much more satisfying would the Spider-Man experience have been if those first few awesome base missions could have been done using the perch and web-takedowns?
    But, instead, what did we get?
    Soldiers, rangers, shields, brutes.
    Lather, rinse, repeat.
    Spider-Man DLC;
    Let's amp up the swarming enemies until it's no longer fun to play the game! And let's continue with Screwball, a character so annoying and pointless it makes one long for the days of The Kangaroo
    And, let's be honest. who the hell is Hammerhead?
    (Overheard in the sound booth during the VO recording- "Pretend you're an American visiting Italy and the Tower of Pisa falls on your head and now, all you can do is speak like you're doing a community theater production of Goodfellas!)
    I'm of two minds on this antagonist.
    On one hand, who gives a s***? On the other hand, who gives a f***?
    In closing, Spider-Man's core game was fun, but repetitive. I didn't understand why, after eight years of being Spider-Man, I needed a skill tree to unlock abilities that should have already been there if I'd previously defeated Electro, Rhino, Vulture and Scorpion before the game started.
    Final word on it, I guess, it was just lazy.

  21. Did y'all know the voice actor for spider man is in fact the voice actor for the one and only Sasuke Uchiha .

  22. Is no one gonna talk about how ridiculous it is that this dlc has hammerhead turn into a literal frickin robot and the final boss has you shooting a laser beam at his head 😂😂😂 I’m sorry I’m usually for zany comic book stories but this was just an absurd ending to an already disappointing batch of DLCs. Side note: Improve the side content Insomniac!! It’s the only thing holding this game back!

  23. So the first DLC was reported to be 3 hours and the other two were an hour and a half? Was the first reviewer including all the content in that comment?

  24. The first fight against Silver Sable is just cheap on ultimate difficulty
    While u're hitting her with godlike combos she just grabs u outta no where and takes half of ur health bar

  25. It really bugs me how short these dlcs are and how little they change the gameplay. Still can't be any worse than fallout 76 though even if it's only a couple hours at most

  26. Am I the only one who actually likes the screwball challenges?

  27. Want a new DLC!!!! Anything with venom 😍

  28. I hated silver sable in the game. I kind of doubt she could change that much from the base game to this dlc.

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  30. Looks like content that was taken out of the whole game to be sold piece by piece later on.

  31. Can somebody tell me why they did not put venom or the lizard man in the game

  32. Am I the only one who thought the dlc’s were really hard? I played on ultimate difficulty and the battles took me a few tries

  33. Tbh they probably could've made more money if they dropped all the dlcs at once

  34. Jonathan is the only person at IGN who’s opinion I respect.

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