Marvel's Spider-Man (PS4) - The Heist DLC Review -

Marvel’s Spider-Man (PS4) – The Heist DLC Review

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Jonathon Dornbush reviews the first DLC episode for Marvel’s Spider-Man, The Heist.

The First 18 Minutes of Spider-Man PS4 – The Heist DLC

Spider-Man PS4: How to Get to the Statue of Liberty:

Spider-Man PS4: Swinging Across the Entire Map (Captured in 4K):

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  1. I'm gonna get this DLC! but not now! there is some Odyssey and some kind of Redemption I need to deal with first, not forgetting to mention a nostalgic evil remake on the way plus some demon hunting!

  2. DLC was decent however whoever made Screwball needs to be fired immediately.

  3. Honestly after I beat the main game I don’t usually play the dlcs. But this game I couldn’t wait to swing back in! Loved it

  4. I feel like this DLC would've been better had they just waited and announced it after the release with all three parts as one in December.

  5. So I'm not the only onw who had trouble with the minigun pricks?

  6. This DLC really makes you FEEL like The Heist

  7. "Feels like only part of something bigger. Feels like just the beginning of something new." It's literally the first part of a three part dlc story. What else do you want?

  8. If its really only 2 hours I might just wait for all 3 of them to come out and get the bundle for 25$. Still haven't finished Odyssey and yet to get RDR2 so I will wait until I finish them both and play all 3 while I wait for Days gone.

  9. Was really excited for this DLC…
    but y'know, Red Dead Redemption 2…

  10. RDR2 is out. Who tf cares about a Spider-Man dlc?

  11. The worst part about this DLC is giving Screwball any more time. What a nuisance.

  12. Not worth the $10… i understand theres more coming out later, but that was very underwhelming.

  13. I'll be honest even if this got a 2 I'd still buy it, this game is just amazing!

  14. Ehhhh disappointing it was kind of cool but wayyyy to short, for some reason I had a ton of problems with cutscenes and Time change. Anyone else?

  15. IGN's reviews are overtly critical….

  16. There are those shitty forced stealth sections even in the dlc? WTF?!

  17. Yup, I’m just going to wait for the next two to come out before I play any of them

  18. 7.8 ??? Df. I say a 8.5/10 or even 9

  19. 7.8 Didn't make you FEEL like Black Cat

  20. If I buy the digital deluxe edition do I get all the dlcs that will come out?

  21. That score does not reflect on your thoughts of it; way too high

  22. I haven’t heard anything about the dlc content yet overall that would warrant a 25.00 season pass price tag. Possibly 14.99

  23. My only issue with this is the first heist mission is the dumbest robbery attempt I've ever seen. I know it's a spiderman game, its not meant to be realistic, but nobody is going to rob a museum and smash through the doors in multiple vehicles. And no sign of cops after bullets raging and RPGs going off. Worst robbery ever. Still an amazing game

  24. What, no “dlc made me feel like Spider-Man.”

  25. this and silver lining was my favorite dlc….turf wars were exasperating

  26. I agree I’m disappointed that we didn’t get to play as Black Cat the MJ parts seemed boring and forced. Felicia ftw . Screwball is a pain in the neck. Now with the sequel perhaps we will see more of Felicia and Sable later

  27. It was actually awesome, absolutely loved black cat and i got all 3 dlcs for 40% off so it was totally worth it

  28. Not whole? Ya because it’s setting up the other dlcs

  29. dudes review is a hella lot better than mr. adjective.

  30. Black cat uses some serious seduction techniques someone used on me once upon a time, and I loved her back then!

  31. Would be cool if black cat got her own game one day

  32. This DLC makes you FEEL like Peter found out he didn’t pull out and oh sh*t-

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