Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 vs PS5 Comparison -

Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 vs PS5 Comparison

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Peter Parker gets a new look in the latest trailer for Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS5, so we compare it to the 2018 version to see the difference.

Spider-Man Remastered for the PS5 is making a lot of visual upgrades to the acclaimed PS4 game, but one of the most noticeable is sure to be Peter Parker’s new face. Insomniac announced that it replaced face model John Bubniak with Ben Jordan, to better match the facial capture performance from Yuri Lowenthal. The new actor looks a bit younger and more like Tom Holland from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Insomniac released an early cutscene to show off Peter’s new face, and you can see it side-by-side with the original to choose your favorite Parker.


  1. The mug changed color when he placed it down on the remastered version 0:55

  2. Literally nobody asked for this. Did anyone playing this game actually think to themselves “eh peter doesn’t fit yuri’s voice” back in 2018?? Yeah nobody.

    The most upsetting thing about all this is that this is completely disrespectful to John Bubniak who is the actor for OG Peter Parker in this game. Shame on insomniac.

  3. I think the old face looks better. New one looks more cartoonish. And what are the improvements in the remaster? To me it looks slightly worse.

  4. they change actors for movies an the games now… huh

  5. I like how the mug doesn’t have a shadow

  6. Everyone and their mother has already commented about how much they dislike Peter's new face (and yes I hate it too), but I don't see anyone talking about the technical aspects of the new cutscene.

    I think the biggest issue I've noticed is the lighting on Peter's face in the remaster – for some reason every time there's a close-up on Peter the lighting on his face doesn't match the surroundings. The light is being blasted on the front of his face (like a selfie light) causing all his features to be flattened and washed out. By all his features getting smoothed out it's making him look even younger.

    I do like how the lighting and background is crisper though in the remake. It'll be interesting to compare other scenes of the new vs old Peter to see if the lighting problem on his face is a trend throughout the game.

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  8. I get why they had to change the face, to better match Yuri Lowenthal's facial capture. However, would it be better to find an actor that perfectly fits the character aspect of this Peter while also matching the facial capture better? Because it's clear that he looks way too young to be Peter.

    Then again, people can be 26 yet still look like they're 16, so what do I know?

    I will say this however: With the new face, Peter definitely seems more expressive in comparison to the original. Emotions and mouth movement seems better conveyed through this model. It's more likely the skin being too smooth to make him look very young.

  9. The remastered version looks like they could be MJ’s younger brother 😂😂!! Honestly the PS4 one was better!

  10. i think they need to look up what remaster means lmao

  11. So basically it’s new graphics not new gameplay so no new levels or what??

  12. People are being to harsh like
    Come on it isn’t that bad ya he isn’t amazing but not worth death treats like he’s more like peter Parker

  13. It says I’m the bios for the game where you can see the characters that Peter is I believe 23 years old. The 2018 version got it perfect I think. This “remaster” looks like he’s 16. And tbh, I think the 2018 graphics looks better too. It’s just a money grab.

  14. Don't like it. And take me seriously as a Platinum trophy earner of this game.

  15. The original looks better.

    Change the face, no one will see the graphic comparison. xD

  16. People say the shading is different but I think it's just softer from ray-tracing

  17. Ps5 looks so much like Tom Holland. Despite the face model being a different person.

  18. Honestly i wont buy the remaster simply because he looks like spider-boy not Spider-Man but also cause he faces looks like it has never had to show emotion before

  19. La original tiene más expresiones la otra es muy computadora xd

  20. PS5 Peter looking straight out of a K-Pop band

  21. Why dose new petter look to young to Drink

  22. I always thought Spider-Man PS4's Peter Parker looked like Andrew Garfield's version of Spider-Man. And it's possible that the game was in the early stages of development when The Amazing Spider-Man 2 came out.

    Sony has a new Spider-Man in Tom Holland now. That's probably why they changed his look.

  23. Who realized Peter's(2020) cup changed at the end of the video?

  24. Its bloody not the new Peter Parker bloody end PS5 it’s a PS for the new Peter Parker is

  25. Yo i see the difference at the end the cup is different yo this changes everything

  26. I personally like PS5 version, however in this reality Peter is 23, not 17 so the PS4 version suits the gss as me more. Overall I like Ben Jordon better.

  27. Everyone's already complained about how young he looks, but one other thing that bothers me about the new face is that it doesn't seem as expressive.

    In this scene the remastered peter mostly just looks excited and happy, when in the original you can tell that although Peter is excited, he is also clearly concerned about Oc and what's he's been doing. The voice acting does a lot, but those little facial details from the original just went a step further and really helped pull you into the scene.

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