Marvel’s Spider-Man | Release Date Announcement Trailer | PS4 -

Marvel’s Spider-Man | Release Date Announcement Trailer | PS4

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Marvel’s Spider-Man will be available 7th September 2018 – only on PlayStation:

Pre-order Bonuses: Instant in-game access to Spidey Suit Pack, early unlock of the Spider-Drone Gadget, 5 extra skill points, Spider-Man PSN Avatar & Spider-Man PS4 Theme.


  1. I pre-orderit on my PS4 vůz cant find where to download theme And avatar

  2. Say rip to the Failbox One X Thanks to Kratos and Peter Parker aka Spider-Man 😁😁😁😁😁😁

  3. I really hope they use the two triggers as the swinging like in the amazing spider man 2, i REALLY loved that mechanic.

  4. AHHHHHH! Can it come any sooner?!? The hype for this game is killing me! Also can't wait to see what that new theme for the playstation is gonna look like. Hope it freshens things up.

  5. add noir, homemade suit and old movie suits please( also house of m)

  6. Even if you don't pre-order you can get the suits in-game..all of them are achieveable by playing and get crafting materials to craft them…that's why there will be no microtransaction at all !

  7. In Turkey its price is 299 TL.
    It is not affordable.

  8. Can this be played on a normal PS4? Or does it need a Pro?

  9. Why september i dont get it,i maybe dont even buy it beacuse its that late

  10. Im so glad that even if I can't grab this game day 1 that the suits and drone will still be unlockable in the main game

  11. So, how do I hit my head just hard enough to make sure I wake up in September?

  12. Play Plus ps4 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😓😥😥😥


  14. They shouldn’t call it punk Spider-Man suit they should call it the pimp Spider-Man suit

  15. Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    Far Away

  16. Dear God my wallet will be out after September, first there was spyro trilogy reignited, now this.

  17. If I pre order the game on the PlayStation store, will I get these three suits plus all the other pre order bonus content? Or do I have to pre order it from a physical store where I buy the game as a disk instead of a download?

  18. Is not fair do to it on the first day of school!

  19. I was wondering can you get the (city never sleeps chapters) without the digital deluxe edition? And just buy the pack itself when the game comes out like a dlc? Or can you only get it trough digital deluxe edition?

  20. donde mierda lanza spiderman las telarañas para colgalse???



  22. Yeah. xbox hear that? yeah a new spider-man game. Jealous huh?

  23. Can I buy the Avatar and the Dynamic theme if i don't pre-order the game?

  24. Dang nba2k19 is coming out on the same day so my dad wants 2k19 and i want spiderman soooo ummmmm????

  25. Champion origin ball twice reasonable effectively somehow editor pack enhance fifth.

  26. Who remembers when spider punk was the only suit revealed?

  27. I pre ordered the game last month and it says the download date is September 4th

  28. Can anyone tell me what the music they used in this video is called?

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  30. What the heck is the song in the background called?!! This theme is better than the original PS4 Spider-Man theme!!

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