Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered - Official 4K PS5 Trailer -

Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered – Official 4K PS5 Trailer

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Marvel’s Spider-Man looks better than ever on PS5, and Peter Parker has an all-new look? Arriving November 12 on PlayStation 5.


  1. Ok the Like to dislike ratio is just ridiculous

  2. I though he was a HS student? drinking.. Im calling the cops!

  3. They took the Tom Holland "I'M THE ONLY SPIDERMAN" joke too seriously..

  4. Man why did they have to change the face, I liked how the other one looked much better than this. Now for even the worse part… if they ever make any more games, which I bet they will, this will be the new face, i dont know if I’m into that.

  5. Ah now why an the hell, would you change his face

  6. He looks like a missed up Shawn Mendes.

  7. Yeah, that's a no on the face. Keeping my PS4 copy, thanks.

  8. Please go back to the old one I’m begging.

  9. Even if you shoot the PS4-Peter in the Head he would look better than the PS5-Version of Peter Parker.

  10. The hell thay did to Peters face so ugly turn it turn it baaaaaack ! 😠 🤬 😡

  11. Somebody give a punch on his face so that it could be better

  12. 9% of comments about actual trailer

    90% of comments about peter's face

  13. Whoever dislike this video and hate his face is op blind

  14. Damn the dislike I don’t hate the face it already grown one me but I can how people get mad because he looks like Tom Holland

  15. Come on is it just me or this new look for Peter Parker looks like a kid.

    So funny because in the new Spider-Man miles looks kinda taller then Peter Parker

  16. I kinda like the new face because the old one looked a bit like a crackhead…. Also, real 23 year olds don't look like they have 4 kids like the ps4 version. I support the new face😁

  17. All of you guys are going to get used to it so shut up

  18. He looks like scott the woz like fr

  19. He looks 15 wtf why put that mask on i dont wanna see that

  20. PS5 Peter: Ugly sonic movie design
    PS4 Peter: Good looking Sonic movie design

  21. Sorry not sorry. The new face looks better.

  22. This fu**ing Tom Holland skin just ruined the remaster for me! Please don't do this on the sequel Insomniac!!!

  23. Coming back to this and just still can not bring myself to like this

    They had something unique and they fucked it, I understand they went for someone who had better face structure for the VA but that is definitely something you should sort out before you make the first game, now they've gotten someone who looks way too much like Tom Holland

  24. John Wick should've been Peter Parker not Tom Holland!


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