Marvel's Spider-Man Review -

Marvel’s Spider-Man Review

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A spectacular cinematic presentation and sensational core mechanics help Insomniac’s take on a Spider-Man game shine, in spite of some unimaginative open-world activities.

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  1. I'm playing Tomb Raider on my channel. Friend me and I'll Friend you?

  2. Are you people all deaf dumb and blind? This game only developed from spider-man2 in ways of graphics .. nothing else ..

    when brutes are 10 times faster than peter parker, every street thug got a bazooka, enemies overwhelm you not by skill but waves ..

    this is not the spider-man i want – the spider-man i want sits in an empty corner, reconsidering what to do next ..
    this here spider-man jumps in to waves of enemies, hectic boom boom boom .. and then he decides to disarm a bomb – and what comes next? a little mini game ..– go fuck you insomniac ..

  3. Sold my copy and got the new Tomb Raider instead 😊

    Score is a 9

  5. 8/10 and thats generous. The game is kinda overhyped. Game didn’t really have many extra/secret bosses and the side quests were too easy

  6. We need another borough in this game like Staten Island w/ the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island

  7. SHABBII's official review: it's pretty good. Thank you for watching

  8. My little brother lives across the country and I never get to see him. My dad told me their internet has been slow so I got him this game on Amazon and he just got it yesterday. He's 8yrs old and it looks like a good game so I think he'll like it.

  9. u guys gives Batman arkham knight 7/10 and spiderman 9/10, maybe u learn from ur mistake bcoz u got 11000 dislikes on batman review .

  10. You said something about duality?

  11. I find the reasoning behind the criticism of the towers a bit odd. You said why would a veteran Spidey not know how to get around Manhattan. At no point was that implied. It's to orient the player, surely. Yeah, Spiderman has been around for years but the player is only just stepping into this world. And your criticism of the side missions is also odd. Are side missions supposed to be equally high stakes as the main mission? That's surely not the case in any open world game. This game is perhaps the only one I've ever played that forces you to stop and go do other things sometimes when Spidermani s waiting for the next story mission to open, which explains why Peter would be doing something else, if an explanation is needed.

  12. The only problem I had with this game was the villains…… I mean.. sure, Kingpin and Doctor Octopus were pretty badass… but .. Shocker? Rhino? Scorpion?? …. what happened to the A-material? Where was Carnage? Venom? The Lizard? ANY of the Goblins? … like, the most renowned enemies of Spider-Man weren't even in there.

  13. Everyone complaining about the spoilers….. they literally warned you about spoilers… 🤦‍♂️

  14. Yo chill, you basically spoiled a important part of the game

  15. When are going to make a daredevil and punisher game? Come on!

  16. I think this may be the best spider man game ever made almost objectively


  18. This game is amazing. Highly recommend it.

  19. Just bought the Deluxe Edition on PS4s store and downloading now! I'm late to the party so I am sooooo ready to swing through NYC!

  20. Raimi's Spider-Man 2 The Game 2004 debuted the Spider Sense combat system in groups of enemies, Not Arkham by the by :O

  21. Ok but does it make you feel like Spider man

  22. Throughout the whole game I played in the Homecoming and the Far From Home suit its awesome

  23. Im still not sure if i should buy this or that resident evil 2. Both of them got good scores and look good. I can get either one for the same price too. Though decision.

  24. This is The Best Spider-Man game i ever played so far!

  25. Can someone name me 1. Just 1 video game that's not repetitive someway or another. You can't cause there is not one. Yet reviews keep that as a complaint. Bizzare

  26. One of the better reviews out there, the only criticism id give this game is the lack of variety in some side missions..

  27. ok this is awkward…..who’s here after the miles morales review?

  28. Gamespot: 3/10 No exaggerated swagger of a black teen

  29. “This game has a lot of that white teen swagger”

  30. This game was good, but it’s missing some exaggerated swagger. If only there were a kind of person capable of producing such a thing.

  31. This game doesn’t have the exaggerated swagger of a black teen.

  32. The way he leaps off of rooftops and falls into a headfirst dive is just full of the exaggerated privilege of a white man

  33. This shows a lot of a flamboyant privilege of a young white male.

  34. اكره باتمان عندك اعتراض؟ says:

    Marvel Spider-Man >>>>>> Batshit arkham knight

  35. You all know why this review less than a third of the views than their review of the Miles Morales game.

  36. Will you be picking up Spider-Man this Friday?

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