Marvel’s Spider-Man: Silver Lining DLC - All Recordings Yuri Watanabe Side Mission [HD 1080P] -

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Silver Lining DLC – All Recordings Yuri Watanabe Side Mission [HD 1080P]

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All Recordings Yuri Watanabe Side Mission of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Silver Lining DLC. Copy provided by Sony.
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  1. Oh man I can’t believe Yuri she going to the dark side I hate to see what will happen to her

  2. Honestly, these criminal scum deserves all of this from Yuri. The stuff they’ve done was very very bad and it doesn’t help anything considering they probably know they’ll get arrested at some point and they don’t care too much. The bad guys had this coming whether you like it or not and to be honest, this was their fault that they started to do this in the first place! So to people saying that this was wrong well I’ll have to say that you aren’t wrong at all because what Yuri is doing isn’t any better but like I said, it was the criminal’s faults that they ended up like this, not Yuri’s it was theirs!

  3. Peter's relationship with Yuri reminds me somewhat of Batman and Harvey Dent. They weren't always enemies. Once upon a time, they thought they'd save Gotham together the "right" way.

    Harvey's tragic mistake was trusting the law and trying to save a corrupt city through a system already too corrupted from within. In a sense, he was a reflection of another path Bruce could've taken.

    Instead of vigilantism, he could have potentially applied his wealth & influence to help Gotham via its courts and improving the economy (Ex- Better security at Arkham). Sadly, it was not to be.

    Harvey's fall and descent into madness as Two-Face in a sense represents the response to a historically common fan argument of "Why doesn't Bruce use his money to help Gotham?"

    Because he understood that money alone can't solve Gotham's core problems, ever. Neither can the law, not unless every person contributing to the corruption is dealt with, and those people are smart.

    They know how to exploit the system, they do it every day. Many of Gotham's crime families don't fear arrest or even prison since they know their connections will get them back on the street in no time.

    Bruce considered all of this in his decision to become Batman, he knew the risks and that he'd be a criminal too no matter how much good he did. That's a sacrifice he made of his own volition.

    He took the power of his fortune, training, and intelligence, then made it his responsibility to give the city his parents believed in a chance at a better future (at expense to his own well being).

    He anointed himself to accept this burden because he recognized the harsh reality that sometimes, the law is objectively insufficient and challenging it is the ONLY way to create lasting positive change.

    At the same time, however, criminals are not black and white. There's a spectrum between extremes and characters like Batman or Spider-Man with their "No kill" rule try to avoid crossing that line.

    Harvey Dent is an example of what trying to save Gotham the legal way gets you, which left him broken, leading to embracing his inner darkness. Now, Yuri has similarly fallen and Wraith is born.

  4. How do you unlock this side mission 🤔 ?

  5. Welcome to the Wraith.

    I REALLY hope we get to see her in full outfit by next game (if there is one).

  6. “You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.”

  7. Man why did it have to be a crappy side mission

  8. Yuri: Kills a mobster who's murdered a bunch of people and would continue to do so

    Spider-Man (and general audience): Oh god, Yuri no! This is too much! Don't go down this path!

    Me: Holds up my phone You're doing great sweetie!

    Seriously though, I understand why Spidey doesn't kill. He's a symbols of good and accentuates that by adhering to the law. People look up to him and he has to set an example on how to be better as people. Taking the law into his own hands would send the wrong message (and just be another arrow in JJJ's quiver of propaganda)

    Yuri, on the other hand, doesn't have to worry about that. She doesn't have any PR to stress over. She doesn't have to worry about sending the wrong message to an entire city that looks up to her. If she has the skills and resources to end threats that, let's be honest, deserve to die, then the only thing holding her back are any scruples of which she is getting quite short on.

    It's unfortunate to say, but she is right. The system doesn't always work. If it did, we wouldn't have to keep making new laws and getting rid of old ones. The mafia getting by on exploiting loopholes in the system is proof of that. While someone with a willingness to kill people is certainly alarming, I personally wouldn't pretend that a bunch of dead mobsters is anything but good news.

    In conclusion…. You're doing great sweetie!

  9. This is all GOING to be interesting should Yuri story arc fit into the next Spider man game.

    There’s gonna be VENOM with Harry Osborn, Green goblin setup , Yuri becoming Wraith and making her first debut , Miles morales becoming the Ultimate Spider man and a slew of new supervillains he is going to fight

  10. Dammit Yuri. I had to start the game over to remember the kind of person you were. 😞

  11. Seems she took a few too good looks at Frank Castle's file

  12. Awww man, now we got a FEMALE PUNISHER! Yuri used to be such a good cop too.

  13. Interestingly enough the Wraith persona was created by Yuri to combat Martin Li in the comics. However now it's still to Hammerheads personal involvement and her life. Quite the Dynamic change. I like it

  14. Did anyone have the problem where in midtown you cant find the recording?

  15. I think I'm the only one who agrees with yuri, if i was spidy I'd let this one go

  16. 10:00 "can only trust me"

    mean while back in main story

    "I called someone that i could trust"

  17. So if Yuri killed that maggia guy who is confirmed to kill the undercover cop in the recording in self defense that's not a crime. Staging the area is a bit much though

  18. "You're my friend Yuri, I don't want to come after you."
    Holy shit. In spider-man 2, this is gonna be for real.

  19. I don’t like it when a police officer captain crosses the line

  20. Can someone please explain who the man is and what the tapes mean

  21. Spider-Man’s obsession with not letting evil people die is obnoxious. Sacrifice one to save many. Why do the writers make him this uptight.

  22. I actually gotta side with Yuri on this one, he killed 9+ people he definitely deserves death. But maybe not in that way

  23. Spiderman: This was a bad guy for sure but killing him… that's too much.

    Punisher: Haha knife go stabby stab and machine gun go brrrr.

  24. Is there any further mission for Yuri arc? This not a satisfying end

  25. I just hope she become Anti Hero like PUNISHER

  26. I dont get how this makes Yuri bad..? That guy literally killed bunch of people and showed no remorse. He was gonna kill alot more. Yuri killing him was justice! Putting him in jail wouldn't solve anything.. I don't agree with what spider man said at 9:36

  27. Yuri going down a dark path will be interesting. I'm looking forward to it

  28. Should've pulled out the old spider cop voice. Would've fixed everything

  29. I remember when I first started this side mission I didn’t think much of it until I got to the last one and that reveal showing the dead body tied up in police tape was horrifying

  30. Peter saying why do i listen to that make sense why he doesn't like to kill as a spiderman

  31. “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering”

    I’ve always known the dark side was a real thing and it’s even everyone.

  32. Spider-man: Why'd you do it?

  33. Good people like yuki become villains by monsters like hammerhead

  34. First Martin, then Otto. Now Yuri?! Spidey must be having trust issues now

  35. Hearing how therapist was chocking on his blood was so unpleasant
    I feel so sorry for him😔

  36. "I do the one thing that you can't. You him them and they get back up, I hit them and they stay down. It's permanent, I make sure they don't make it back out on the streets again. I take pride in that." Frank Castle/Punisher

  37. i have a bad feeling in marvel spider man 2 we are going to fight yuri🤔🤔

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