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Marvel’s Spider-Man | The Completionist

The Completionist
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Thanks to Sony for providing this code for my Spiderman review as part of my Sony Partnership
With the great power of hype and modern technology, comes the great responsibility of pleasing fans world-wide. For my Marvel Spider-Man review we will take a look at all the elements that bring this story together and see if this iteration is Spiderman is more Marvel’s Spiderman or The Amazing Spiderman.


The first thing to mention is that the movement is great. There are fast travel points but I never find myself using them. Swinging around the city to get to it (even if its half way across the entire map) is so much fun and packed with little details. You get sounds from all over the city that brings it to life. Shouts for help, phone calls about your life as Peter Parker, and best of all is the subtle differences in voice acting. When you’re standing still Peter talks normal, but when swinging or fighting his line delivery is strained. There’s so much to unpack here from the environment, combat, talent tree, and the characters that you’ll just have to find out by watching my Spider Man review!

Let me know what you thought about my Spiderman PS4 review!

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  1. what can we do with the code provided by sony?

  2. I bought a PS4 for this game, and it was 100% worth it!

  3. The game is already amazing but it would make it so many times better if he did shout WHOOO!

  4. This is the last video I watched in 2020 and the first in 2021, I know this is weird but thank you for the hours of enjoyment Jirard

  5. I didn't see the secret photos skin along with the newspaper collecting. Soooooooo, yeah

  6. He didn't mention the newspapers you have to collect

  7. I have played this game a lot and i keep coming back to it because it is just so fun.

  8. The fact that I prefer to swing across Manhattan instead of fast traveling is something impressive

  9. I fell asleep a few minutes into this video and woke up at 6:42 safe to say I thought I was transported to another dimension

  10. This is the 8th game I've gotten platinum on, I feel very proud

  11. So did he revise this after the dlc trophies came out?

  12. WHAT that part at the beginning were there is to Spider-Man's playing

  13. Uhmmm. Sorry, but you didn't complete the game… You still can get lots of level ups, until your HP becomes 250. THEN you completed the game. But it takes several (like 7 playthroughs to get that many xp points)

  14. did the completely optional even for a completionist badges then complained about them lol

  15. I think it's safe to say this game makes you feel like spiderman

  16. Fun drinking game: take a shot every time he says 'Spider-Man'

  17. This was rather easy to complete compared to the other Spider-Man games

  18. I got this game recently and 100% the game.

    Now my job as a gamer, it is my duty to finish a game from start to finish. At times I 100% any game.


  19. does he actually record the intro parts of these before he plays the game?

  20. I really hope that when they got down with Miles Morales, Insomniac makes an Iron Man game, I think it would be amazing

  21. Spider man was the easiest platinum I've gotten because it's my only.

  22. If I had a dollar for every time he said spider-man

  23. Came here with basically just the milestones left and wanted to know if it was worth continuing. Thanks for the rating Girard!

  24. I bought a ps4 just for this game and beated it Two days later

  25. With great power comes great responsibility.

  26. I’ve just had a recent obsession with Spiderman, and now this game looks fun as hell! I wish I could just buy it right now!

  27. The games good but gets rebititve real fast so 7/10 good

  28. My personal game of the year. Hell maybe even game of all time.

  29. For some reason this game makes me think of age of calamity when it comes to gameplay

  30. working on completing both spider man games right now and i’m having such a great time

  31. So did anyone track down that missing puddle?

  32. Which Spider-man costume is your favorite?

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