Marvel's Spider-Man VS Spider-Man 2 REVIEW/COMPARISON -

Marvel’s Spider-Man VS Spider-Man 2 REVIEW/COMPARISON

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Spider-Man for PS4 goes up against Treyarch’s Spider-Man 2 in an epic and extensive Game VS Game Review and Comparison! Which Spidey is the best? Let’s Find Out!


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  1. My 5 favorite spider games are:

    1. Spider-Man PS4
    2. Spider-Man 2
    3. Spider-Man 3
    4. Spider-Man Web of Shadows
    5. The Amazing Spider-Man

  2. I can imagine people in 2025 being nostalgic over this game! Hello folks from 2025! I'm with you too!

  3. Honestly, while I like both games, I have to say that (for it's time) Spider-Man 2 was way more revolutionary than the recent one…Spider-Man 2 came in the PS2 era and it was the first Spider-Man game EVER to allow players to actually go to the ground and explore all of Manhattan.

    So at the end of the day:
    Spider-Man 2 in 2004 = Revolutionary
    Spider-Man PS4 in 2018 = Better story but basically more of the same, sometimes a bit worst (way too much combat-focused and crime missions are boring and repetitive) and some times a bit better. I like how they actually tried to add new stuff like puzzles and stealth missions (and I basically enjoyed those) but for some reason it feels like they did those new things in a rush and the stealth mechanics feels kinda minimalistic and superficial.

    But you know what. I have a feeling that the next Spider-Man game from Insomniac will be as revolutionary as the old Spider-Man 2 was for it's time. And rumors are pointing towards just that, for example adding the whole brooklyn and Queens maps and totally changing the random crime system so that it's really different each time you play…So who knows.

    Spider-Man 2 vs Spider-Man 2
    That's the comparison that I really want to see

  4. Spider-Man made me want to buy a PS4 just to play the game

  5. Let me geek out for a second as someone who’s finished the To-Do List in Spider-Man 2 and still finds extreme enjoyment in it. If you’re really good at swinging in Spider-Man 2, it’s much more satisfying than in PS4. Swinging at top-speed after completing the game, running on walls as you skim past them, and charging your jump for your next big swing all while keeping the laws of physics realistic, that’s extremely impressive, especially for the time. Spider-Man PS4 never got as satisfying to me. In the video that they got the swinging director for Spidey 2 to play Spidey PS4, he said something along the lines of, “I’m trying to pick up more speed in a satisfying way.” I know exactly what he meant. It’s smooth, but the game automatically saves you from hitting the ground while swinging, and it makes you go slower so you don’t ram into things. It’s smoother, I’ll give it that, but it needs no practice to be enhanced like in Spider-Man 2. Black Cat was not mentioned enough here. She is really fun as an ally and foil to MJ. If you get bored of the numerous ways of helping people, you can do races, MJ date challenges, deliver pizzas, Daily Bugle challenges, and go to the arena, where you can fight new and/or old villains. You can even revisit boss battles. I love the story, but I’m also a Raimi fanboy… so I understand why people like PS4 there. Spider-Man 2 also never discriminated on Xbox or Nintendo users… just saying. Anyway, I may be biased because of nostalgia, but I still definitely prefer Spider-Man 2. Spider-Man 2 is more impressive than PS4 because of its age. It’s my favorite game of all time, standing next to Batman: Arkham Asylum, which you should definitely do a four-way versus video with all the Arkham games, by the way. I just wish Superman got a good game. I know it’s not impossible, it’s just nobody wants to make it.

  6. The jump is still there , Just have to unlock it

  7. Spiderman PS4
    Spiderman 2
    Spiderman Web Of Shadow

    The big three for me

  8. I don't understand why people equate ease-of-use to good gameplay just because something is easier to do doesn't make it better it just makes it easier which I feel takes away depth from the game. There's so many combo moves in Spider-Man 2 and a lot of combat in the new Spider-Man game you just kind of lock onto enemies hit the attack button and the game does flashy combos. Not to mention how amazing the ragdoll physics are in spiderman 2 and all the things you can do with enemies even after they are knocked out.

  9. Why everyone tell Spider-Man 2 is the best always seem it like a fact. Yes the swinging is more satisfied (maybe) but other than that, everythings are better in PS4, combat, story, etc..

  10. You can't compare this two games, at least not how you did, you have to compare what they did in their times, If you compare dirctly it's obvious that new spiderman is going to win

  11. Isn’t it weird how Spider-Man 3 was badly rated because it crammed 3 villains in one movie? Well guess what, Marvel’s Spider-Man crammed over 9 villains and it is always number 1. Put more villains in movies and learn how to direct it in such a way, as this game did for its fans.

  12. Well ps4 but only in the iterative ways a sequel from 2 generations later should be better. For their own time, Spider-man 2 was waaaaay more innovative if not necessarily “better”

  13. Spider-Man 2 is 10 times better than Insomniacs Spider-Man in almost every way. Don’t bother trying to argue.

  14. I've platinumed Spider-Man PS4 and just finished Spider-Man 2 on my 360 and I have a personal preference to Spider-Man 2's combat and swinging. Everything else in the newer one is better.

  15. You swing way slower in Spider-Man ps4. Also the side quests didn’t make the game feel as immersive as the random green and purple encounters in SM2 had.

  16. I heard my friend say Amazing Spiderman was the best of the series, we were no longer friends after that

  17. The extra 7 onmetacritic is only because of the other suits

  18. I hate to be that guy but idk I’m just stuck in nostalgia. I’ve literally grew up playing spiderman 2 on gamecube and played that shit everyday. Its just so much more memories and more to do. The Quentin Beck sports arena mission, the pizza deliveries, the black cat missions, mysterio’s fun house, the pedestrian side missions, the arcade, the cutscenes, and who could forget, “my balloon” 😂 spiderman ps4 is fire asf but spiderman 2 gonna always have a special place in my heart. That was my favorite one.

  19. spider man 2 had better more spiderman like vveb svvinging. The fun about that game vvas that you need skills to master the art of the spider-movement. I really don't like the idea that you can't even crash into building in the nevv spiderman games. It straight up sucks that you control the direction of the vveb svvinging. If the vveb is attached to a building it has to go that direction it can't go the vvay you vvant it. Also the nevv spiderman game is more of a movie than a game. Games should be games not movies. Ofcourse spideman ps4 has it's good things too but they have missed the oportunity to create a real spiderman experience. It's not a masterpiece as people are saying. Also the no limited vvall running is just not spider-man-ish. he's a vvallcravvler not vvallrunner. his legs doesn't stick that much because of the boots. In spiderman2 his vvallrunning is limited. also in ps4 spiderman hovv can spiderman move that fast vvhile running up the building ? it's just not the real spiderman experience vvithout realistic physics. And the combat is just as easy as if it vvas a game for 6 years old child.

  20. Watching this video makes me want to sell my xbox one for a PS4 just for Spider-Man. I played it and beat it but just swinging through the city is an amazing feeling.

  21. I'm glad Activision doesn't have the spiderman license anymore

  22. You can’t really compare these two games tho spider man 2 is way older. Doesn’t seem fair. Idk that’s my opinion.

  23. You still have a super jump u just need skill points

  24. I would kill to play hulk ultimate destruction and spiderman 2 again

  25. The two best legendary spiderman games . Marvel's spiderman and spiderman 2

  26. It's not he size that matters , it's how we use it 😁😁😁😁😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  27. this should just be called “why spider-man is better than spider-man 2 “ lol

  28. Swinging being easier doesnt make it more enjoyable for me, it actually makes me feel like I have less control over spiderman.

    Like compared to spiderman 2 where their was an entire array of tricks and combo variations, spiderman ps4 has several times less, spiderman 2 you initiate each trick, in ps4 you hold two buttons, and in my opinion the latter is kinda boring.

    Same goes with combat, spiderman 2 had so much more customization when it came to combat, and while ps4 has decent combat it feels quite restrictive.

    The use of gadgets/ weapons are cool and are fun, but in spiderman 2 you are the weapon, I miss being able to chuck enemies off of buildings, piledriving enemies off of buildings and hanging enemies off of streetlights.

    In my opinion spiderman ps4 takes alot more from the arkham series than spiderman 2.

    Also it could be that when I played spiderman 2 I was still a kid, so things were different I could play those green civ missions back to back for hours on end without touching the story.

    If you got this far thanks for reading.

    Just got the spiderman ps4 yesterday, I am enjoying it but it still doesnt top Spiderman 2 IMO.

  29. Okay the story is good but come on now… there is NO way spiderman ps4's story is better than the Raimi films or even into the spider verse. But it does fit among them

  30. The three best spider man game ever created
    Legend: spider man 2
    Ultimate: spider man
    The new fantastic perfect: marvel spider man

  31. Spiderman 2 > marvels spiderman. Especially in gameplay. Ps4 spiderman has too many cut scenes and too manycut scenes interrupting gameplay, too much of that timed button pressing from God of War and Uncharted. And too much hand holding

  32. Worst evil villain in spiderman 2 was that god dam balloon.
    ‘Oh no my balooooooon’


  33. Alright. What the heck is up with people and graphics and gameplay "aging' Sorry that a PS1 game like Tomb Raider looks nothing like a PS5 game like Spider-Man Miles Morales.

  34. Haven’t watched the video or read any comments, but I already know this is a controversial af video.

  35. This battle seems surprisingly one sided and a bit biased. What was even the point of this video if one side gets all the wins?

  36. Isn't it amazing how spiderman 2 puts sprint wall running and web swinging all in one button…

  37. Spiderman 2 isn't hard at all, If you can finish a mario game, you shouldn't have any problems. Ps4 swinging is for noobs, absolutely no skills required, there's no fall damage either so there's NO danger of being killed falling far. It's pretty but made for weak gamers with no skill. 🤷

  38. ok your not giving any to spiderman 2 spidermanps4 looks good but spiderman 2 rules not ps4

  39. This comments section is filled with a bunch of idiots blinded by nostalgia. I played Spiderman 2 as a KID, it was nostalgic for me too. It was one of my childhood games. But I have to say Marvel’s Spiderman (2018) is far better in every single way excluding web slinging. It’s a deserving nominee for GOTY 2018.

  40. I really really want to play this game but i dont have a ps4

  41. I like amazing spiderman games and spiderman ps4

  42. Look, say what you want about Spider-Man 2, but at least you can go to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty in that game. Marvel's Spider-Man is a leap in the right direction, but don't leave a classic masterpiece such as Spider-Man 2 in the past. We wouldn't have this goldmine of a game without it.

  43. Ok, the amount of moves and upgrades in SM2 (both for swinging and combat) is light years beyond SMps4. SMps4 gets repetitive fast and doesn't require that much of the player resulting in samey looking gameplay. There is no depth or variety in SMps4, nothing to master, no neat combos to learn. SMps4 feels like the they stripped 3/4 of the game away and and put bumpers on my lanes. Most people that make these comparisons aren't old enough to have played the game when it came out. I was so disappointed when I realized that I couldn't and wouldn't be able to do even half of the cool stuff from SM2 in SMps4. SM2 is still by far the best Spider-Man game, sadly. SMps4 isn't even better than Ultimate Spiderman. Spider-Man 2 was truly amazing, (no pun).

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