Marvel's Spiderman PS4 - All Cutscenes -

Marvel’s Spiderman PS4 – All Cutscenes

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A compilation of all cinematics in Marvel’s Spider-Man for the PS4 Pro in 60fps. Enjoy the movie!

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  2. This is basically spiderman trying to save us in the corona pandemic if I die I just know im glad I watched this first

  3. I told my my 6 year old cousin this was a spider man movie

  4. Wait so petter worked with dr.ifergothisname

  5. I will watch this 24/7 while in quarantine, thank you very much! Who else is stuck at home and is watching this over and over again?

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  7. If this were a movie it would be The Dark Knight of SpiderMan movies in my opinion. I mean I love SpiderMan 2 and SpiderVerse but I have problems with those film still. I mean they’re still great but I do have issues with them. They’re not perfect but this game as a movie would be.

  8. This is the best spider man video game movie i ever watch, imma put that on my watch list

  9. This is the best game I have ever played

  10. Am I the only one who thinks that marvel's spiderman ps4 would actually be such a great movie?

  11. “Here’s to many more years to service”

    Top 10 sentences before disaster

  12. 1:54:21

    A super scientist who can make robotic limbs and has helped advance the world of science.
    He opens the deadly chemical and then puts on a gas mask.

  13. This game has a story that is better than any Spider-Man film ever made.

  14. Doc oc was such a great character in this game!

  15. Am I the only one during the beginning of the intro with the music you can hear a mix of Sam Rami’s music

  16. Dude the moment Octavious saw the suit he BS Peter in playing dumb about knowing he’s Spider-Man. The feel, you knew he cared a lot about peter. Why can’t the writers from videos games write movies lol

  17. i'm really upset with the ps5 verison of spiderman's new face

  18. Guys, i know an instagram account who sells this game for about 10$ comment for their user!!

  19. Rip his face. I feel sorry for the person who provided the new face. They must be feeling awful rn with all the negative feedback. It’s not his fault, it’s just that we are more familiar with this Peter. That’s all.

  20. Actually did notice.
    There is no emotion in this face.

  21. Mcu should apopt this backstory along with TASM. They don't need to get too far into it like Sony did. Just enough for us to understand. But I like the ps4 miles morales backstory of how Spiderman worked with his father. He already met his uncle

  22. It’s kinda cool cause Peter can tell Miles I went on a mission wit pops b4 u became Spidey

  23. 1:53:19 you can tell by his face that Doc knew who Spidey is and didn't want to hurt him…but his wish for Osborn to fall is unfortunately much greater than his love for Peter. Kind of tragic.

  24. Was it an oversight or something? The dialogues with emphasis have ‘*’ but aren’t bold. I’m confused.

  25. The storyline is 1000 times better than Miles Morales game

  26. I hate it when I have to chase someone tho

  27. This thing is 100 times better than Spiderman Homecoming and Far from home

  28. So much better than MCU's Spider-Man and his entire story arc.

  29. ☆°▪︎°its peachy°▪︎°☆ says:

    3:47 at first, spider-man was

    Well he just got more and more serious UwU

  30. At the end of the day he is still a teen-ager helping others and make sure everyone is comfortable even if it means the life to him he did the right thing by not giving Aunt May the Anticirup because if he did Aunt may will not be in peace but she is now #respectspidey

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