Metro Exodus - Official Gameplay Trailer | E3 2018 -

Metro Exodus – Official Gameplay Trailer | E3 2018

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Watch the Metro Exodus gameplay trailer from the Microsoft E3 2018 press conference!

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  1. One of the best games I’ve ever played I swear

  2. Hey, future player here. Yeah, Metro Exodus was fun. Pretty immersive, too. It was underrated, however. So, less people talk about the game. I finished the game once. Could've been twice, but I stopped the first time. The levels go to big, to bigger, and then back to small, for some reason. Lots of people complain about that, when I was trying to play Iron Mode, then kept getting killed by annoying glitches.

  3. Игра действительно шикарная, особенно на экстремальном качестве графики

  4. If fallout 4 and far cry 5 had a child

    A very very VERY handsome child

  5. This game is nothing like fallout all tho it kinda looks like it stop comparing it to fallout lol.

  6. Just finished 2033 and about to start last light, can't believe I've been letting these games collect dust on my old 360 hard drive. Can't wait till I get my hand on this one

  7. that guys voice is frustrating to get through

  8. It wasn’t until halfway through the game I realized actions effect the ending. I killed every enemy that didn’t surrender (if it couldn’t stealth it).

    This is my first Metro game.

  9. timthetatman 90srock irishmusic thenormies deadmau5 dancemusic ghostmane

  10. Fallout' s copy ?
    No, this is Metro Exodus

  11. shrek campcamp cohhcarnage jaychou theweekend russoplays

  12. If I make a game, I’m gonna make it so that killing people gets you the good ending.

  13. When the AK in this game jams more than it does in real life.

  14. What a fantastic game; I didn’t expect the combat/ shooting mechanics to feel as good as they did.

  15. I just bought this game after playing the last two and I think my pc will physically self destruct trying to playthis max settings

  16. This game is pure badassery. I still play to this day just to enjoy the detail.

  17. So you guys going for the bad ending, I see

  18. Какой подлый трейлер, в игре же нельзя никого убивать а то концовка будет плохой.

  19. Such an incredible game…..not a little bit downgraded

  20. There Is Only 2 Third Person Shooter Games That I Play:
    1 Sniper Elite
    2 Metro

  21. this has to be the best game trailer ive seen in my life

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