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Michael Myers – Halloween Theme Song (Piano Version)

Noud van Harskamp
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Halloween Theme from the movie Halloween 1978. Composed by John Carpenter.
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Michael Myers Theme from the movie Halloween 1978. Composed by John Carpenter.
A true classic horror theme for solo piano. Last year I covered the main theme of the 2018 which is slightly different in the bass so I decided to work on the 1978 version with this Patrik Pietschmann setup 🙂 I hope you like and happy halloween!

Michael Myers – Halloween Theme Song (Piano Version)

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  1. When you’re home and sneeze and someone says bless you but you’re home alone

  2. Great horror tune…..been sending shivers up and down my spine since 1978

  3. Whenever you're listening to the Michael Myers Sing a new press stop to get a drink and you still have your headphones on in the music keeps on playing

  4. Thank you for re creating my theme song. It’s awesome.

  5. If you're wondering the chase music is just slamming G flat

  6. Halloween the new Disney movie

  7. Qué Lástima que té pongas ésa Me ascara para esconder Qué tú mascara le sacá la gracia de tú Músicas y ésas notas síempre Las quise sacar y Nunca puede pero me alegro que tú puedas

  8. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐🇧🇷🇦🇷🇧🇷🇦🇷🇧🇷🇦🇷🇧🇷🇦🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  9. This is what plays in my ears when I walk down this long hallway in my house😶😶😶

  10. Very nice and very good and i love Michael myers

  11. Pov:
    The lights turn off, and you look into the distance.
    You see a strange looking, tall man walking toward you.
    He says, "I've been looking for you."
    You think, "Who is this person?"
    He looks at you deeply and says, "Don't worry, I'm harmless."
    "How does this man now what I'm thinking?" you ponder.
    He replies, " I'll come back."
    He walks away.
    Scared, you rush home with a gut feeling you have been stalked by someone.
    You go to bed, trying to calm down.
    You hear your cat meowing.
    You look over,
    And there is the man, under your bed.
    He whispers, "I told you."
    He puts a blindfold across your face, and ties you to a chair.
    "Your fate is near….."
    The neighbors hear screams.

  12. When you play this on your acoustic piano, but you realise all the strings were cut.

  13. When you play this music on a piano while alone at home.
    And suddenly, Michael myers appear outa nowhere and claps endlessly.

  14. I've been using this video to try and teach myself how to play this. I've never played any instrument before and I'm just using this really old out of tune piano at my moms place but I'm really excited about the progress I'm making

  15. ki Baszot kurva Jó zene 🙂 😉 XD!!!☺

  16. When you're playing rock paper scissors in the mirror and you win

  17. So Bone chilling 😎 cause u know yur not survive this legacy. Death Horror. 5 tymes the strength of the strongest man alive 🙏 💪 🙌 we love Michael Myers…

  18. Thanks bro now I can play thanks you so much

  19. Ronvinson and asmin song thainks for music for the movie

  20. ولله اني خبيث وديت خويي لمستشفى عرقة وشغلتها😂

  21. This have to be the best horro movie theme song ever

  22. love micheal myers, would never go near him tho.

  23. I listen to this before games to get that killer instinct awakened

  24. なんか知らんけど聞いててすごく落ち着く

  25. So scary it has in michael is in Dead by daylight game Michael myers AKA the Shape.

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